McFly star Danny Jones’ wife shocks fans by sharing a heartbreaking video of her three-year-old son worried about her death.

MCFLY star Danny Jones’ wife, Georgia, shocked fans with a heartbreaking video of their son Cooper sharing his nightmares.

In the video, you could hear the young man telling his worried mother that he was worried that she would “go to the hospital” and die.


Georgia, 35, gave birth to Cooper’s son from McFly star Danny Jones.Credit: Alamy Live News
Worried mom took her baby off while he was lying in bed


Worried mom took her baby off while he was lying in bed

The 35-year-old influencer Georgia shared on her Instagram page a video of the three-year-old Cooper telling her how he “thought she wasn’t here.”

Lying in bed in his pajamas, the boy told his worried mom, “I’m just thinking about it,” and Georgia added, “Do you think I’m not here?”

“Both of you because I dreamed it yesterday and I’m thinking about it again right now,” Cooper continued, wiping his eyes.

“Darling, you have nothing to worry about, we will not go anywhere, my dear,” the mother of one child tried to reassure him. – I’m here, okay?

“I’m just scared every day,” Cooper replied as Georgia continued to ask him, “Are you scared every day? Where do you think I’m going to go? “

Cooper explained that he feared she would be “in the hospital for a very long time,” which, as his mother continued to explain, “would not happen.”

“Honey, Mommy’s not bad, so Mommy won’t be in the hospital for a long time, okay? You have nothing to worry about. I love you, ”she concluded.

Worried, Georgia addressed the other parents in a signature on the post, saying she hoped she hadn’t instilled “fear” in her toddler.

“I think a small part of it is to avoid bedtime tactics, but I think a large part is the genuine worry in the head of these little boys,” she told her 197,000 followers.

“I just hope that none of my fears over the past two years have passed on to him, have not been consumed by me without my knowledge. I would love to hear how you dealt with this. “

Fans immediately rushed into comments to reassure Georgia that “all kids go through this stage” of worrying about their bad dreams.

“All children go through this, it can be caused by sleep or the news on TV. We don’t realize how much they absorb, ”wrote one woman.

“Great emotions from a very smart and mature little guy,” added the second. “All you can do for now is acknowledge those feelings and calm him down.”

A third intervened, “I also talked to my four-year-old little boy, and it breaks your heart when they think about it.”

McFly singer Danny, 35, and his wife Georgia welcomed boy Cooper back in 2018 when a proud mom shared her first snapshot of her toddler.

The family lives in a luxurious home with a huge garden and a home recording studio where Danny can work on music without being distracted from his fatherly responsibilities.

Danny is best known for his roles in the popular boy band McFly alongside Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter.

He has been with the band since 2003, and their first album, Room on the Third Floor, was released in 2004.

They continued to release music and even formed the supergroup McBusted with Matt Willis and James Bourne of Busted, and he also had his own solo career.

Danny was also a hit with viewers when he judged the first episode of The Voice Kids alongside and Pixie Lott in 2019.

Bolton native Danny met his wife Georgia in 2009 and dated her for four years before he proposed to her in 2013 while on vacation in Cyprus.

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