MCU’s first ‘Secret Invasion’ trailer keeps fans in the dark about two key characters

The action-packed trailer may have had few plot points, but it did showcase two of the limited series’ most interesting cast members: nominated for an Emmy Emilia Clarke, star of Game of Thrones and Oscar Winner Olivia Coleman. Both Clarke and Coleman will make their MCU debuts with Secret Invasion, although it remains to be seen how prominent they are in the limited series…or, for that matter, what comic book characters each of them play.

Surprisingly, the trailer doesn’t focus on the two new characters, but instead takes an intimate direction, highlighting Nick Fury’s (Jackson) latest adventure. While it’s possible a clever montage is involved, Coleman’s enigmatic character appears to be talking to a seated Fury, telling him, “You’re out of shape for this fight we’re about to have.” The line is completely ambiguous, making it unclear whether Coleman’s character in the MCU is a villain or a hero. Clark’s character also has double entendre dialogue saying “This is just the beginning” to an unknown person – and moments later we see Clark walking down a hallway with a gun. Both stars appear to have retained their British accents. The Secret Invasion limited series was filmed extensively in the United Kingdom (via Halifax Courier), so it’s possible that the legacy of the two mysterious characters could play a major role in the series.

Unless one (or both) of them are Skrulls. It’s too early to talk about this.

After debuting in the trailer, Clarke accepted Instagram to praise the cast and crew of the limited series, saying “I can’t believe they let me and my stardom come close to such a big talent, I also can’t believe I managed to get the words out without melting into fangurl.”

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