Meet Blondie, a bird who lives with PBF disease but still enjoys her life

As we know, Mother Nature is full of surprises that we have yet to discover. Whether they are positive or not, we believe they make life interesting nonetheless. One such surprise is the protagonist of this story, Blondie, a charming lovebird from Venezuela.

Blondie is a sweet little bird who attracts attention not only for his playfulness and inquisitive mind, but also – and maybe even more – because he is almost bald. The lovebird has lost almost all of its feathers and the ability to fly due to a rare parrot beak and feather disease (PBF), which is a virus that attacks the immune system of birds. Despite this, Blondie still seems full of life and fun thanks to his loving Bella Escobar who takes care of him every day.

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Meet Blondie, the charming lovebird from Venezuela.

Image credits: blondie contacted Blondie’s man, Bella Escobar, to learn more about the bird and its life.

Bella shared with us that she received Blondie as a gift from her father’s friend who used to breed birds. The lovebird was about 3 weeks old when he arrived at their home. “He was just a baby, so he was very tiny.”

As you can see, Blondie is bald. This is the result of a very rare parrot beak and plumage disease (PBF).

Image credits: blondie

He wasn’t always like this. Blondie had beautiful orange and yellow feathers.

Image credits: blondie

According to Bella, Blondie used to love flying. “I remember his favorite place was the lamp in our house. He is very playful, he will follow us during the flight. He is also a very curious bird, he liked to fly to new open places and explore.”

However, when Blondie was one year old, his family began to notice that the bird was losing feathers on its legs.

Image credits: blondie

As the days passed, the bird lost even more feathers, resulting in almost complete baldness and inability to fly.

Image credits: blondie

The vets told Bella it was probably stress. However, after some research, the girl found out that Blondie has a PBF disease that affects bird feathers and beak.

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“We went to the vet with Blondie, they did a test to see if he had parasites, but it was negative. The vets said it was probably stress. We didn’t believe it, however, it didn’t make any sense, because how could Blondie rip the feathers off his head? I started doing some research and that’s when I found out he had PBF disease. This disease affects the beak and feathers and can be passed from bird to bird. We suspect that the mother had the disease and it was passed on to Blondie.

This disease is incurable, but there are cases when birds restored their feathers. Unfortunately, it’s not that common.”

The blonde took about 6-9 months to almost completely go bald.

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Due to Blondie’s condition, Bella needs to take some precautions. Because the bird’s skin is exposed, Bella has to moisturize it with coconut oil. Due to the lack of feathers, Blondie gets very cold, so Bella gave him a plush toy in which he can take a nap and keep warm. He also has a heating pad in his cage that keeps him warm when he sleeps.

According to Bella, Blondie found it hard not to do what she loved. He fell into a depressed state

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Due to the loss of his feather, Blondie became sleepy and indifferent. He never wanted to do anything. The bird’s family wanted to help him, so they showed him different places he had never seen, toys and other things so he could have fun. And luckily it worked. Blondie is happier than ever!

But with hard work and perseverance, she showed Blondie other opportunities to do what he loved, and it worked!

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Now Blondie is happier than ever!

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Bella shared that she enjoys living with Blondie. According to the owner, he is grumpy, but he has his own charm. “He is stubborn, very funny, curious and very loud. Whether you’re cooking, studying, etc., he’ll always be there for you, trying to see what you’re doing and playing with what he has in front of him. When I bring my friends over, they always seem to be in awe of Blondie and scared at the same time. Some people say he looks like a dinosaur.

Blondie hates when new people come to our house, he is very grumpy, as I said. He doesn’t handle first impressions well, so when people come in, they bounce off Blondie because he’s ready to attack them.”

“I like living with Blondie. I am very happy that he has overcome so many trials and is still here, being the amazing and beautiful bird he was when he had feathers.”

Image credits: blondie

“Living and caring for a special needs animal can be challenging, but working alongside your animal to fully get to know them, what they like and don’t like, is the key to understanding them and their behavior. Blondie is amazing and I’m really proud of him.”

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