Megan Fox got into trouble on Instagram several times

Megan Fox is known for being a bit of a wild child during her time in public. The actress is not afraid to show her scandalous side and express her sexuality. Fox might need a parental control warning on her social media because she doesn’t hold back. When it comes to posting photos with her boo or new friend Kourtney Kardashian, all bets are off.

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Megan Fox is currently in a relationship with rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Their relationship took the media by storm, taking the tabloids by storm. The couple dated for over a year after Meghan and her ex-husband Brian Austin Green broke up. Over ten years of marriage, Megan Fox has become a little more conservative. Now that she’s with MGK, she’s become a talking point, and not always in a positive way.

6 The Megan Fox fiasco on Airbnb

In September 2021, Megan Fox posted a mirrored selfie of herself leaning on an Airbnb island table. She captioned the photo: “When I tell you the table in this Air BNB has seen some things”… not so subtly. Fans were quick to criticize the sexually exposed couple and went into full attack mode. They commented, “They know they can just text each other stuff like that, right?” “Some things have to be kept private for a reason” as the second person said, while another simply added: “shrink”.

“When there is no depth in your relationship, you have to make up for it on social media,” wrote another. MGK left a comment on a photo of his girlfriend, writing, “I’m really glad this isn’t our table anymore.” Neither Meghan nor MGK seem to care what people say as they constantly post obscene things on social media.


5 Dad Megan Fox criticized the post

According to the story in Paper magazine “In Transformers The star stunned the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards in a formfitting hot pink jumpsuit and naturally wanted to post the incredible look on her Instagram feed. And although the signature jokingly called itself “Daddy Releases Barbie” it turns out that MGK’s response was the one that really caused the surprise.”

Machine Gun Kelly commented, “Daddy loves you,” which quickly went from playful amusement to cringing. Many fans urged him to delete the comment altogether. It’s no surprise that twin flames are constantly buzzing on Instagram.

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4 Naked gun shooting with a Kelly machine gun

During a photo shoot for Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, a gun was involved. The power couple graced the British magazine’s Fall/Winter 2021 issue. GQ style magazine. Fox is shown naked and pointing a gun at her twin flame. This isn’t the first and it won’t be the last time you see Megan Fox in a sultry photoshoot. Fans were stunned when the photos were first released and a cocked gun was pointed at MGK’s private property. But then again… it’s Megan Fox and MGK.

Megan wrote on Instagram: “The story of two outcasts and unfortunate lovers caught in the throes of a hot, sunny flash of romance featuring: feverish obsession, weapons, addiction, shamans, lots of blood, total chaos, therapy, tantric night. horrors, bonding rituals, chakra sound baths, psychedelic hallucinations, organic cocktails and the kind of sex that will make Lucifer grab his rosary.” You better believe that their love is bulletproof.

3 Shooting Skims with Kourtney Kardashian

Megan Fox posed with her new best friend Kourtney Kardashian in a nearly nude photo shoot for Kim Kardashian’s company. Kim Kardashian is a smart woman who is cashing in on this new threat of power duos. Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, as well as Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, have been in the press non-stop. Kim hired Fox and her sister to model for her new SKIMS line. The collab was as obscene as ever and definitely got attention.

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2 flesh of my blood

Many times MGK and Fox have referred to each other as twin flames. They shared with the world that MGK is wearing Meghan’s blood drop necklace. It’s not every day you hear that a couple wears each other’s blood like a diamond ring. The story of the bloody necklace begins with the rapper going berserk when Meghan had to travel.

“Well, actually she was leaving town to shoot a movie and that was really new in our relationship,” he said. “I didn’t have a passport either, so she was leaving for Bulgaria, and so I kind of freaked out, like: “You are going to leave, and I can’t even come to you.” people give a handkerchief to their partner,” Coulson continued. “She gave me her DNA.”

one Hot post Megan Fox in the bathroom

Finally, the hottest bathroom photo of 2021 and it features this crazy foursome. Scroll right to see the photo that literally broke Instagram on September 14, 2021. Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker accompanied their pals to the 2021 MTV VMAs. During a bathroom break, the powerful couples decided to tongue kiss and literally break the social media platform. Megan Fox can be as controversial as can be when it comes to posting her on Instagram!

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