Megan Fox points to machine gun Kelly’s Merck, now we can’t ‘see’ her

At first, this seemed like a ridiculous comparison, but then Fox published side-by-side photos of MGK’s face and Merck.

By: Instagram: Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox.

Machine guns Kelly and Megan Fox have been igniting social media feeds with their PDAs and they are. Choosing fashion out of the chart.. This time, social media is blowing up his GQ video. The couple, who can only be described as GQ’s game, a brutal chaos era of ‘Couple Quiz’, and many intimate details of their relationship. One of the most interesting things that came to the surface was Megan Fox’s comment that the machine gun is very similar to Kelly Merck.

They are.

As fans reach for their devices and search for these images, a word of caution is essential – it can’t be hidden!

Merck comparison.

The couple had a series of questions in front of them, and it was fun, as Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox quickly tried to fill in the blanks as fire questions were asked. It didn’t take long for them to reveal the other person’s personal details, and some of their answers were completely obsessive.

Fans found out that the two lovebirds also had their own handshake, and as soon as things started to get fun, they became increasingly strange.

MGK was asked to ask Megan. “If I were an animal, which animal would I be?” To which he replied, “You can literally Google any machine gun Kelly photo and then if you also Google a Merck photo and you split screen them, you can’t tell the difference.”

The fans did. They saw it. Now, it can’t be unseen. Millions of people stare at this picture all day long. The strange resemblance is astonishing, And it is possible that MG had Merket in his previous life.

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Wild resemblance.

This is official. Whenever fans think of Machine Gun Kelly, they will think of Mercury now, and the split screen image of the two will immediately sink into their minds.

There is something about the length of their necks and the shape of their heads that is hard to ignore. They are so close in resemblance that it is terrible.

Machine gun Kelly and Mercat images even share ears that look alike, and facial features that are incredibly identical. They both have deep eyes and small faces, and no matter how many times the fans try to turn their faces away, side by side the picture, they just can’t be seen.

It is safe to say that no one will ever see machine gun Kelly the same.

As far as Marquette is concerned, it can be a compliment or a curse, depending on whether she is an MGK fan or not.

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