Megan Fox’s embarrassing behavior at VMA confuses fans.

Famous couple Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. Keep up the good work Their whirlwind romance. However, this latest moment of the 2021 Video Music Awards may be more disturbing than romantic, according to fans.

Sunday, September 12 saw fans around the world angry with their favorite musical artists as VMAs returned for a star-studded show. With special performances by music icons such as Alicia Keys, Foo Fighters, and Lil Nass X, it’s safe to say that the awards show was one of history books. However, between the legendary performances and the wild costumes, especially one moment, sparked a lot of discussion among the audience.

The controversy erupted in Entertainment Tonight’s red carpet interview with Megan Fox. Talked about her dress. Near Rocker Boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly.. For the special occasion, the 35-year-old actor wore a skinny three-mugler gown that was too short for imagination, paired with a “shiny thong”.

When he talked about the decision behind his clothes, Fox revealed that it was Baker who called the shots into what he wanted to see for the event. Fox said, “He was like, ‘You’re going to be naked tonight,’ and I was like, ‘Whatever you say.’ He called Baker ‘Daddy,'” Are. ”

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As the interview drew to a close, Fox and Baker were asked if viewers would see further collaboration between the couple when it comes to Baker’s future music videos. Fox took the reins of the conversation when he replied, “Yes, he is not allowed to have other H *** in his music videos. Is it the queen or something.” Baker laughed with him.

After the interview, many people expressed their dissatisfaction with Fox’s behavior on Twitter. Marking the answers as “crange” Observers thought that the actress must have been playing a role because her attitude seemed to be different from her usual.

One critic wrote, “I’m sorry, but anyone who is obsessed with their relationship and considers it a” goal “is ridiculous. There’s something seriously wrong with them. Hopefully I’m wrong.” But I doubt it.

Another said, “She looks like she’s really trying to get 21.”

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Others questioned the couple’s motivation because they argued for their bizarre behavior and the relationship in general.

However, other spectators quickly killed the couple. Marking them as “relationship goals,” fans defended Fox because he pointed out how his happiness matters.

One fan wrote, “Glad to see her happy, free. Her humor and her role as a savage queen is better for her to look at her with less confidence and doubt herself as she did a few years ago.” They are very warm and what do you think of them, at least as long as you let them be happy. ”

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