Megan Thi Stalin fans believe that Nikki Minaj is getting her barbs to attack the ‘savage’ rapper amidst rumors

Beef has been circulating with Minaj’s fans since the ‘sewage’ rapper, which is why Stalin has expressed his displeasure on social media.

Nikki Manaj Megan to Stalin.
By: Instagram.

After many months of speculation. Nikki Minaj And Megan was Stalin. Whether there was a quarrel or not, the answer seems to be a resounding yes.

The “Freak Nasty” hit maker took the time. His busy schedule is performing in the UK. To share a few words with his followers on social media, stating that the reason why Stalin is not so active is that he is constantly subjected to negative comments on the platform.

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The three-time Grammy winner tweeted on Saturday, “I’m here because people are talking about my dying parents and all kinds of insults. I don’t even want to see it.” “I’m sorry I haven’t been to BC myself lately and I think the hats can tell. I just can’t stand social media.

He provoked a Minaj fan to respond, writing, “Did he put Konkag down?”

The comment was a clear dig at Stalin. The latter made no secret of her love for an alcoholic beverage (or two), her Instagram stories often showing the rapper “boating”, consisting of taking shots from a bottle of wine.

When Stalin came across the tweet, however, he did not hesitate to respond, writing, “Like B *** H what are you talking about.”

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Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the account that made the comment was followed by Nicki Minaj, although it is not clear if the New Yorker was following the account before the defeat with Stalin.

Either way, it was clear that Manage knew about the account holder, and that his username contained the “good” characters, indicating that he was a barber.

Although Minaj himself has never resolved his rumored feud with Stalin, he has certainly hinted at animosity with his “hot girl calibrator”, singing his song “Seing” earlier this year. Green “I disliked it.

“A margarita pizza with parmesan and garlic / these b *** they’re thirsty, I can see why they drink,” Minaj rapped on the track, which includes Lil Wayne and Drake. “You should never talk about it when you are talking about it.”

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