Meghan Barton-Hanson and James Lock reunite for the first time since Toey star’s hotel and plane scandal

Last night, Megan Barton-Hanson and James Locke were photographed together for the first time since their March hotel room brawl.

The former couple were spotted together at Shoreditch’s Commercial Tavern after attending a film screening.


James Locke and Megan Barton-Hanson reunited last night after an argument at a hotel.Credit: Raw Image Ltd.
The couple hung out in Shoreditch.


The couple hung out in Shoreditch.Credit: Raw Image Ltd.
Closer to the night, it seems, a heated discussion flared up.


Closer to the night, it seems, a heated discussion flared up.Credit: Raw Image Ltd.

Meghan, 28, looked upbeat as she smoked outside the room with James standing by.

The Love Island star had full bangs and her long blonde hair fell over her shoulders. She was wearing camouflage pants, a tank top and white sneakers.

James, 35, looked tanned in salmon shorts and a T-shirt.

They were spotted enjoying drinks together, and later in the evening, the couple appeared to be having a very intense discussion with a third party outside.

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Megan Barton Hanson splits from Towie's James Locke AGAIN

The night ended around 2am and the exes were photographed leaving together.

The meeting came a week after James and eight of Touya’s co-stars were prevented from boarding a plane due to bad behavior on a flight from the Dominican Republic to Madrid.

The group refused to comply with the airline’s mask-wearing policy and openly smoked in the air.

Another man put his arm around Jaime's neck.


Another man put his arm around Jaime’s neck.Credit: Raw Image Ltd.
They weren't out until 2am


They weren’t out until 2amCredit: Raw Image Ltd.
The couple enjoyed drinks together


The couple enjoyed drinks togetherCredit: Raw Image Ltd.

In the meantime, back in March, we revealed how Meghan alerted the staff at the hotel she was staying at to call 999 during an embarrassing encounter with James.

A source said: “Meghan was in shock. Everything was very aggressive.

“At some point, the hotel door was kicked out. There was a lot of screaming.

“It all happened in broad daylight in a busy hotel. It was very dramatic and Megan’s hotel door was damaged in the chaos.

“I think James was given her room number.

“There is speculation that the staff were shown pictures of them together and that he was given a room key.”

The drama took place at the £350 a night Courthouse Hotel, just off Oxford Street in central London.

The police arrived on the street shortly after the workers dialed 999.

It is known that Megan left the hotel before the arrival of the police.

That evening, she and James had a separate party at the nearby Bagatelle nightclub.

James was accompanied by a mysterious blonde and Meghan held hands with Life On Marbs star Adam Graham, 31.

A hotel source said: “Meghan was horrified and called the front desk asking for the police.

“It was around 10:30 am so the hotel was busy. It was scary because he’s a big guy and they kicked him out.

“The guests are not happy to see this, and people were naturally a little shocked after that.

I am a teacher - I let my children draw and talk about their feelings.
People were stunned by a VERY unusual passenger in the cabin during a flight

“We were all told to check the room maps from now on.

“The hotel is for guests only. Security has been put in place to allow only those who have booked rooms to enter the place.”

The couple left together


The couple left togetherCredit: Raw Image Ltd.
Meghan and James had a passionate relationship


Meghan and James had a passionate relationship1 credit

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