Meghan Markle & Harry’s Rep Addresses Lilibet Christening Rumors

Baby للیبیٹ۔Its name is already making waves online – and it hasn’t happened yet.

Four months after his birth Prince Harry. And Meghan MarkleDaughter, there is speculation as to how and where the baby will be named. On the contrary, when Lilbet’s brother. Archie Nominated in July 2019, Harry and Meghan are no longer residents of the UK and are instead. Build a house together in California from 2020..

Although some reports have raised doubts as to whether Llibett will follow in the footsteps of her siblings and be named in the Church of England, a spokesman for the couple has denied the allegations, citing the fact. Given that the event has not been decided yet.

“Plans for the child’s name have not been finalized,” the spokesman told E. News, “And so, any assumptions about what will or won’t happen are just speculation.”

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