Meghan Markle is so hard to love her, but Prince Harry proves double standards

I have always loved Meghan Markle desperately. She was an outspoken feminist who was part of the royal family. Yes, the queen was the main dog, but the institution is still largely patriarchal.

Women in the royal family must abide by codes of conduct that are now obsolete, such as certain colors of clothing, wearing stockings, and having instructions on how to get their nails done.

I saw the future of the royal family in her. Megan had life experience and didn’t grow up in money and wealth. She might have a new, louder and clearer voice.

But loving Megan is like loving a charming boyfriend who constantly cheats on you; it’s not easy, and sometimes supporting her makes you look like a fool.

To her credit, Meghan has been by her husband’s side since the Queen’s death. She was seen mingling with the audience and playing the part of a supportive wife.

However, her actions, which I would say cannot be criticized, are being criticized. Your husband’s grandmother died, and you came to support the family? No matter what happened, how is it wrong?

But Megan’s behavior is closely watched, it seems that she can’t do anything right. There’s even a viral TikTok going around in circles where it looks like she’s stingy with royal help.

She made many mistakes; most recently, during her interview with sliceher attempts to appear cute and intimate were shriveled and out of touch with reality.

She compared herself and Harry to two fused trees in her yard, and swore that her son Archie called the trees “mom and dad” as he walked past them. It was one hell of a smug joke.

She also claimed that the The Lion King The actors revealed that her people in South Africa took to the streets to celebrate her wedding to Prince Harry, similar to how they celebrated Nelson Mandela’s freedom. She said slice“He said, ‘I just need you to know that when you married this family, we were just as happy in the streets as when Mandela was released from prison.’

Yes, she compared marriage to a white prince to Mandela’s incredible legacy. Who will tell her that joining the royal family is not comparable to the release of a human rights activist? I vote for Camille.

So, yes, she sometimes forces herself to be disliked. It’s like she’s so desperate to be loved that it gets annoying as hell. But, to be fair, it also makes sense. When she married Harry, her whole personality became connected with her husband, and now she is trying to negotiate a new one.

But despite how annoying she can be, I still think the rage and anger we seem to be saving for Meghan is just disgusting. Of course, she is not in touch and she is a little out of her mind. But why doesn’t Harry get hit with the same stick? The man became the director of implementation in a startup. What could be dirtier than this?

Meghan is a reminder that we are much stricter on women than men, or in this case, we are much stricter on Meghan than her husband Harry.

She has received a lot of criticism for condemning the royal family, moving to Los Angeles and signing a podcast contract with Spotify. She is seen as greedy for money, hungry for fame, and smug. Meanwhile, Harry, who has denounced the royal family, moved to Los Angeles and signed with Spotify, is still very popular.

See? The same actions and a completely different reaction.

None of his actions are like the screaming boy next door. However, he seems to have received endless public support and adoration. Maybe she complained about her relatives, but Harry went to Oprah and complained about his own flesh and blood, and is she still a bitch?

I’m not saying Meghan is that pretty; Let’s face it, she’s not Princess Diana. However, I think we need to ask ourselves, why is it so easy to hate Meghan but so easy to keep loving Harry? Probably because we love to piss off women.

Mary Madigan is a freelance writer.

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