Meghan Markle wasn’t invited to Queen Elizabeth’s bedside –

As the Queen’s health took a turn for the worse on the Thursday before her passing, the entire royal family, with the exception of Kate Middleton, has confirmed they are racing to the matriarch’s side. Among them were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, whose spokesperson released a statement saying the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were on their way… Until shortly afterward, their spokesperson announced that Harry would now be joining the family in Balmoral without a wife.

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It’s no secret that the royal family has been at odds with each other for years, and Markle appears to be at the root of the rift. With indifference and at times outright disgust from family members, Harry and Meghan decided to leave the UK, and when the Sussexes did, the distance between them and the rest of the royal family only increased, both physically and emotionally. Following her interview with The Cut and her mega-successful podcast Archetypes, senior members of the royal family are reportedly more upset with her than ever – which may be why she was reportedly not invited to Queen Elizabeth’s bedside.

Katie Nicholl, royal expert shared with ET“It is clear that the family wanted Prince Harry to be there, although he was unable to get to Balmoral in time to see his grandmother, but Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, we understand, was not invited to join the family. She said she would go to Balmoral another time, but I think it’s very important that Prince Harry went to Balmoral alone, without his wife.”

The California-based couple were already in the UK for a short charity tour, although they didn’t plan to visit any members of the royal family during their trip, in particular. Sources said the Duke and Duchess will see the Queen if her schedule allows, but given their busy schedules, this is unlikely. Everything changed when the Queen’s medical team declared their concern for her health; just hours later, her death was confirmed.

Although she hasn’t been to Balmoral, Markle has paid tribute to the iconic matriarch on the homepage of her and the Harry Foundation’s website. The Archwell Foundation website was set to an all-black background with large text on the page reading “In memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II” and the years of her birth and death are listed below.

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II is a symbolic crossroads for the royal family: they can either choose to mend their relationship by entering a new era together as a true family unit, or they can let their relationship deteriorate further as the glue of family has faded. Time will tell, but given Markle’s message about the rejection of the invitation, it looks like things could go the latter’s way.

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