Meghan Markle will receive only £ 1 in compensation for invasion of privacy, confirmed by the court

Meghan Markle’s meager £ 1 win from privacy invasion is hampering her legal victory over the British press.

Meghan Markle will receive only £ 1 in compensation for invasion of privacy, confirmed by the court

Till Meghan Marklethe legal victory over the British press was certainly cause for celebration, her meager gain of £ 1 damages invasion of privacy can ruin her cheerful mood. However, all is not lost as court documents show that Mail on Sunday accepted defeat, which means they will ruin previous plans to appeal to the Supreme Court.

In addition, they must pay Markle a separate, undisclosed amount for the copyright infringement they committed by publishing her letter to her father.


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For invasion of privacy, you can expect a payment of £ 75,000-125,000.

According to media lawyer Mark Stevens. The pitiful £ 1 win suggests that Markle’s prosecution argument was considered rather weak. “Typically, you can expect between £ 75,000 and £ 125,000 for such an invasion of privacy. It really shows that treating her reputation was an area in which she actually invaded her privacy. “

This opinion is shared by most of the public, who turned their backs on the former actress after Megan’s seemingly manipulative texts were exposed in court.

Referring to the letter to her father, Head of Communications Jason Knauf, Markle wrote: “Obviously, everything I wrote was done with the understanding that it could leak, so I chose my words carefully.”

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Markle’s miserable wins could be a result of her text messages planning to expose a leak

“Considering I’ve only ever called him daddy, it makes sense to open up as such (even though he’s not exactly paternal), and in the event of a bad luck, when it leaks out, it will give you a heart-to-heart.”

However, it can be argued that Markle acted wisely in anticipating information leaks due to the harassment she received from the press since she first started dating Prince Harry. Even when the couple was still in the primitive stage of their relationship, Harry’s spokesperson commented on the treatment she received:

“His girlfriend, Meghan Markle, was subjected to a wave of abuse and harassment.”

“Some of it was very public – defamation on the front page of a national newspaper; racial overtones in comments; as well as outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and comments on web articles. ”

Ultimately, for Markle, her legal victory was not about the money. After the victory, she said: “I just stand up for what is right … At a certain point, no matter how difficult it is, you know the difference between good and evil. You have to stand up for what is right and that is what I do. “

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