Meryl Streep improvised different phone calls for 20 takes

Netflix The satirical sci-fi film Don’t Look Up is one of the most talked about films of 2021, and part of the conversation revolves around the skillfully stellar cast.

Directed and written by Adam McKay, the film stars Leonardo DiCapio and Jennifer Lawrence as Dr. Randall Mindy and Kate DiBiasky, an astronomy professor and doctoral student who discover a comet that is about to hit and destroy the Earth. As the two scientists attempt to warn the public of this impending threat, Randall and Kate are ridiculed and humiliated by characters ranging from morning show hosts to the President of the United States.


Meryl Streep as President of the United States in Don’t Look Up

In Don’t Look Up, US President Janey Orlean is played by none other than acting legend Meryl Streep.

According to McKay, Streep was so good at improvising that she came up with different ideas for the Oval Office scene where she answers the phone in the presence of two astronomers and her advisors.

“Meryl is an amazingly good improviser and she did it throughout the film,” McKay said in a new video released by Netflix.

The director compared the Oscar-winning icon to Superman, who always has a trick up his sleeve.

“The scene we were all excited about was the first scene in the Oval Office,” the director explained.

“In every take that we did with Meryl, she improvised a different phone call and a stage where she hung out, and it was kind of a manifestation of the power of improvisation that I had never seen before,” he added.

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McKay said that Meryl Streep improvised in at least 20 different takes.

McKay said that Streep improvised so well and naturally that she did it for at least twenty takes.

“I am not exaggerating. She made twenty to twenty-five completely different, ridiculous phone calls, ”said the director.

“She didn’t repeat anything,” he added.

“It was exciting,” he finally said.

But Streep wasn’t the only actor on set with a knack for improvisation. Jonah Hill, who played Jason Orlean – Janie’s son and chief of staff – was one of the actors who improvised the most, to the point that Lawrence had a hard time following him.

In another behind-the-scenes Netflix video, DiCaprio and Lawrence showed the scene of the talk show segment where their characters talk about the comet, also improvised in part, thanks largely to actor Tyler Perry, who plays Jack Bremmer, the show’s co-host alongside Kate. Brie Evanti Blanchett.

Don’t Look Up is streaming on Netflix.

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