“Metho Dagos” and “Metho Mice”: 20 Erinyes Illustrations of Mythical Animals from Around the World

If you’re not a Monday person either, we’re sure we can help take your mind off all the worries and sadness with a little magic and mysticism! Let us introduce you to Erinye, a talented artist who paints colorful pictures depicting mythical creatures and more!

Erinye, inspired by ancient cultures, created a series of illustrations he called “Metho Dogs” and “Metho Rats” in which he depicted mythical dogs, rats, and even a beaver from around the world. A squirrel is depicted. So, familiarize yourself with these magical animals from Japanese, Hindu, Norse, Chinese, and other myths. Don’t forget to vote for your favorites and share your thoughts in the comments!

More information: Instagram | twitter.com | redbubble.com | Facebook | erinye.tumblr.com

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