Metro employee fell asleep while preparing a sandwich for a client

We know how exhausting life can be sometimes, right? This can get especially tedious when you’re in the customer service industry, and sometimes … you just can’t hack it.

We’ve all now seen tired or frustrated food and retail employees behind the scenes.

Take for example Domino worker who did not receive a tip or the delivery driver who was Fed up with with bait. There was even a time when waitress she got fired after she got a tip was said she should share with the staff.

And people on the internet argue that working in such a busy industry can often be detrimental not only to a person’s mental health, but also to their physical health.

Well, now the topic has taken to the forefront on the Internet again after a Subway employee fell asleep while preparing a sandwich for a client.

Causing anxiety and confusion at the same time.

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TikTok Pen Client aviles1017, who went to Subway for a sandwich, filmed the sleepy worker on camera.

In the caption to the video, the client wrote, “How fr … I wanted a sandwich, bro,” and also wrote in the video, “This lady fell asleep on my sandwich.”

And while this TikTok user was a bit … well, insensitive to the matter, others commented that she might be “working 2 or 3 jobs and taking care of her family.”

This is also not the best place to work, according to people who used to work in the food chain. On the Glass door On a site where people leave work reviews, one person wrote that Subway is a “terrible” place to work.

“Wow. Where to start,” the reviewer began. “They steal your watch for one, always keep your receipts and time. They tend to round up your hours. I counted, and once they tried to cheat me by 5 hours!

“Then they try to miss your time and a half. If you work more than forty hours, that is overtime. They try to get around this by writing out two salaries, one for 40 hours and the next for the extra hours. ”

“They put too much work on a person, he has to do the same work as two people! And get the minimum wage! ” they continued.

“Guess what? If you’re not fast enough and shut down, they just won’t pay you for that extra time you wasted. If you find a caring manager, she’ll soon be out the door. They demand unrealistic expectations and punish those who does not match them, they will soon drive her to the ground.

“YOU ARE NEVER ALLOWED TO SIT. Don’t even eat. Forget lunch breaks, you don’t have them. We complained about this and were told to eat in the cafeteria, but if we ever tried to do it, we were told to go back to work, ”they continued, listing working conditions that no one should tolerate.

And so, while reflecting on an uploaded video of an extremely tired Subway store employee, people were worried.

Expressing that no one knows what is happening in the other person’s life and that the video should not have been uploaded without her permission.

We sincerely hope that the woman on the videotape is fine, and that anyone who feels the same, whether they are overworked or not, is fine too.

What do you think about the situation?

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