Michael Keaton answers questions about his future as Batman

Michael Keaton is just as confused about his Batman’s future as the rest of us. During a conversation with television line, he revealed that he assumed Batgirl was canceled as part of a “business decision”, suggesting that he received no clarification from the studio as to when fans would see him in that film. Additionally, he said it was probably a “good” decision for Warner Bros. Discovery in relation to cost cutting.

Unfortunately, the aftermath of the film’s cancellation left the actor in the dark about DECEU’s future plans for his character. Also, he doesn’t seem to pay close attention to the situation. “I really don’t know,” Keaton told TV Line of his future Batman. “I don’t follow [the developments] so much.”

Meanwhile, The Flash is currently slated for release next summer, assuming no more bumps on the road from now until June 2023. Whether he will play Batman again after this remains to be seen.

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