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Following his tearful speech at the SAG Awards after winning the Male Actor in a Limited Series category, Michael Keaton continued his awards march for his portrayal of Dr. Samuel Finnix with his first Primetime Emmy trophy for the role tonight.

But all we wanted to know was more about Batman.

Asked him what he thought about cutting Warner Bros. discovery bat girl, Keaton replied, “I think it was a business decision. It was a movie and it was a good movie.”

– What’s the other question? Keaton asked.

“When will we see you as Batman?” the reporter asked.

“Oh, a little later tonight,” Keaton joked, “no, I’m kidding. I dont know. I really have no idea.”

But we do: it’s in Flash, in theaters, June 23, 2023

Warner Bros. Discovery killed the HBO Max movie Bat Girl last month to post a quarterly accounting profit on over $80 million in production. The decision caused a lot of headaches for the conglomere, not only because it cut the film’s post-production, which is an unusual maneuver, but also because it canceled the film’s failure, which was a diverse cast for the studio.

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