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Michael Keaton topped the competitive categories at today’s Primetime Emmy Awards, winning for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Anthology Series or Movie. drowsiness.

While accepting a statuette from Oprah Winfrey, the host urged to emphasize the seriousness of the evening, Keaton, 71, expressed his most sincere gratitude to his family. In particular, he recalled how his father won the lottery when he was a schoolboy, bringing home the prize in the form of a black-and-white TV.

“We kind of lived in a village” in Pennsylvania, he explained, and the device became his portal to another world as the medium began to spread around the world in the late 1950s and early 1960s. “I couldn’t take my eyes off him. It was magic,” he recalled. “I watched all cowboy shows, especially comedies, and all gangster shows, and I fell in love with them.” He recalled how he reproduced what he saw on the screen, and the importance of how his parents and brothers and sisters reacted to him.

“To this day, they have never humiliated, never neglected, never looked down on it,” he said. “They never laughed at it. In fact, they asked me to reproduce scenes for them. My ancestors were not patrons. To be honest, we weren’t patrons of anything. But I want to thank them. I just want to thank all these people in my family for never making me feel stupid because I did it myself a few times.” Keaton added that there is “great power and merit” in making mistakes and feeling stupid. “

Keaton’s win was one of the most anticipated of the night in a category full of first-time nominees and many of whom were not widely supported, making their chances of winning less likely. Along with Keaton, Colin Firth participated in the field for Stairs; Andrew Garfield, Under the Banner of Heaven; Oscar Isaac, Scenes from marriage; Himesh Patel, Station Eleven; and Sebastian Stan Pam and Tommy.

drowsiness loosely based on the book of the same name by Beth Macy. Keaton plays a doctor in a small town in Appalachia who comes to terms with the consequences of his prescriptions for OxyContin, which was advertised by vendors as a miracle pain reliever. The purveyors of the infamous addictive drug, the Sackler family and Purdue Pharma, deny any involvement in the opioid epidemic. As part of the company’s bankruptcy process last year, the family reached a court settlement exonerating them from liability. Creator Danny Strong called the eight-episode series “a trial that should have taken place”.

In addition to reminiscing about his childhood and taking serious notes, Keaton shone with some of the comedic gimmicks that made him a star. Taking the Emmy award from Winfrey, he asked her: “You have about 90 of them, don’t you?” Turning to the audience, he calmly said, “I have to tell you, my face hurts so much from all my fake smiles.” drowsiness was released last fall, so Keaton spent most of the year on the campaign trail.

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