Michael Moore’s documentaries rank at the box office.

Filmmaker Michael Moore He is best known for his ruthless political commentary on documentaries and films. Fahrenheit 9/11. – which charts the political rise. George Bush And lead to the 9/11 terrorist attacks – and award-winning. Bowling for Columbine., Who considered the Columbine High School massacre and American gun culture. Moore, a native of the industrial town of Flint, Michigan, was expelled from his youth for political interests, and the city has strong roots.

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The left-wing documentary maker typically deals with topics related to capitalism, the American healthcare system, and big business, and often writes, produces, and directs films on a relatively small budget. Never afraid to ask uncomfortable questions. Activist has made more than fifteen films in his 40-year career, and has achieved great success and fame as one of the world’s most famous documentary filmmakers. At the box office, their films have made a huge difference in their earnings – some make unexpectedly high profits, and some have disappointing losses. Here, let’s make a list of Moore’s documentaries, get their ratings at the box office.

Michael Moore in Trumpland – $ 149,090.


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Morrell’s lowest-grossing film, Michael Moore in Trumpland (2016), had an unusual setup-being presented as a recording of a personal show he performed at the Murphy Theater in Wilmington, Ohio. What On stage, Moore criticizes the Trump administration and the state of American politics, interacts with members of the audience and separates different areas of theater. Many critics were confused by the film, its presentation seemed clumsy and strange. The movie has a positive rating of only 54% on the movie rating site. Rotten tomatoes., And return disappointing box office receipts despite limited runs.

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‘The Big One’ – $ 720,074.


Source: imdb

To promote your book Downsize Des during the tour! Back in 1997, Moore decided to document the economic condition of the cities he visited, sharply criticizing Clinton’s administration and the end of the Golden Age of the United States. The film grossed 720 720,074 at release.

‘Where’s the next attack’ – $ 4.46 million.

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Moving beyond the U.S. coast, he traveled to several European countries, including Italy, France, and Portugal, for his 2015 film Wear to Invest Next Moore, to learn how governments at these locations differentiate social and economic pressures from those of the United States. Handles in a way. The film received positive political reviews, and grossed a whopping $ 4.46 million at the box office.

Fahrenheit 11/9 – $ 6.7 million.


Source: imdb

Fahrenheit 11/9. – The title of Moore’s previous film Fahrenheit 9/11., And November 9 marks the day of Trump’s election victory, looking to the Trump administration for the factors that led Trump to his surprise election victory for the Republican Party. The film grossed modestly internally, grossing only 7 6.7 million compared to its -5 4-5 million budget.

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‘Roger & Me’ – 7.7 million


Source: imdb

Roger and I, Perhaps Moore’s most personal film, was released in 1989, and explores the economic consequences of the closure of several General Motors auto plants in Moore’s hometown of Flint. Against a small budget of $ 140,000, the film garnered impressive وسی 7.7 million.

‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ – 17.4 million.


Source: Wikipedia

Another of Moore’s films that will make up for the loss on release is Capitalism of 2009: A Love Story Considering the 2008 financial crash and the complex relationship between the Bush and Obama administrations. Against a huge budget of $ 20 million, the documentary made only .4 17.4 million – a big disappointment for Moore.

Seiko – 36 million


Source: imdb

One of Moore’s most famous and most influential documentaries, Learn (2007) sees clear issues within American healthcare and does not shy away from criticizing big pharma. The film received an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature, and grossed a whopping 36 36 million on a 9 million budget.

Bowling for Columbine – $ 58 million


Source: imdb

It is now considered one of the greatest documentaries ever made by a peacock. Bowling for Columbine. – Released in 2002 – High school takes a look at the massacre and considers the factors that led to the tragedy, examining the American gun laws and the culture of violence that pervades American society. Upon its release, it was the highest-grossing documentary ever released in the mainstream, grossing a whopping 58 58 million at a small cost of 4 4 million.

Fahrenheit 9/11 – $ 222.4 million.

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Source: imdb

Moore surpassed his record by earning 22 222.4 million from his 2004 documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. Taking a magnifying glass for the Bush / Gore election, Moore looks at how money and the extraordinary alliance led to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers. His witty and harsh judgment on the Bush administration has made the film incredibly popular, and through his work has strengthened Moore’s position as a leading political observer. The film became the highest-grossing documentary ever, grossing many times more than its original budget of just 6 6 million.

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