Michael Scott was the worst character in The Office all along

The biggest sitcoms of all time have done a great job with many things, one of which is bringing memorable characters to life. These are the characters that fans spend their time with, and they are the ones that keep people coming back to them every week.

Office is one of the most successful shows in history and Michael Scott was the main character of the show. Michael, brilliantly played by Steve Carell, is an interesting case as he can be loved and hated by everyone.

Let’s take a look at all the times Michael was the worst on the show.

eight Dating Pam’s mom was a new minimum, even for Michael

Michael and Helen's office
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Adults should be allowed to date other adults, but there are some traits that need not be crossed. A case in point is Michael’s relationship with Pam’s mom, Helen. Look, it’s cool that they sympathized with each other, but he considers Pam a friend and is clearly crossing the line. Not only had he crossed the line, but he was more than happy to hide it from Pam. Bonus points for Jim helping him hide it.


7 His treatment of Toby is unacceptable.

Michael and Toby's office
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Okay, it could have been done for the show’s comedy, but Michael is downright terrible for Toby. It’s hard to watch at times, and of course, Toby can be annoying in his own way, but Michael just refuses to treat him like a person. At what point does it stop being funny to the public? Apparently, never, since this seems strange to many.

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6 Oscar’s kisses and walks were nasty

Michael and Oscar's office
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The double whammy is here for Michael as he opened up and kissed Oscar at one of the most awkward moments in the show’s history. On his way out it was already hard to watch, but it is difficult to accurately describe how physically uncomfortable it is to watch the kissing scene. Even the actors present looked very uncomfortable with the way things were going. At least Oscar got his satisfaction, sued Dunder Mifflin and eventually escaped like a bandit.

5 Date with Mike showed its terrible side

Office Date Mike
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Oh listen, Michael has become an absolute clown with women again. In this situation, things are going well for a rather innocent cause, but once Michael realizes that a date is set, he completely changes his appearance and his personality in one of the most embarrassing moments in the history of the show. Mike’s date now infamous figure in fandom, and this moment lives on in disgrace.

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4 Stealing Prince Paper customers disgusted him

Prince Paper Office
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By all accounts, the people who worked at Prince Paper were great people who were just trying to make ends meet in a crumbling industry. Michael sinks to a disgustingly low level, tearing away his clients from them, even after the hospitality they have given him. To be honest, did anyone really get shocked by this? Of course, business is business, but it was just unpleasant for Michael, and it showed a lot in his character.

3 It was terrible to hold the courier driver hostage

Delivery service driver
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This cannot be approached in two ways, Michael absolutely held the child hostage on the show. Whatever you say about the pizza guy didn’t make the deal with Michael he thought he was getting, but put that scene on a darker show and you get something much more intense than what you portrayed. screenwriters. It was absolutely insane, and of course Michael was at the center of it all.

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2 Michael’s blind date showed his true colors

Margaret's office
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Appointing Michael on a blind date could have been a good thing, but when he was completely disappointed with his boyfriend’s looks, he showed his true colors as a terrible person. He didn’t want to gain anything from the experience and decided that he had had enough, even before they began to get to know each other. If Michael has always had anything, it is courage.

one Scott’s jokes were absolute evil

There is not a single moment on Office is it as evil or disgusting as Scotts… After promising the kids that he will pay for college a few years early, the bell rings for Michael, who does not keep his promise. His actions in this episode are rightfully difficult to digest, and this once again shows how terrible he is as a person. Good intentions to some extent, but terrible execution.

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