Mike Wolfe of American Pickers says it was his most successful find

In an interview with Antiques and heartsMike Wolfe was asked what his best find ever was an assembler. “You know, when people ask about it, they usually want to know where I made the most money. But for me, “best” is something else. My top pick was in Rock Island, Illinois. The Schwatka Expedition of 1878-1880, when Frederik Schwatka and his team made the longest trek in history through the Arctic in search of the remnants of the ill-fated expedition of 1845. What I found was the remnants of history that have been completely lost. they were priceless. But I sold them for only $5,000 to the Alaska State Museum in Juneau, where they really belong.”

The Shvatka expedition was one of the longest voyages recorded by a European-North American expedition. This has also been the case in freezing arctic conditions (via Cambridge University Press). Artifacts discovered by Wolfe in Illinois are authentic pieces of history that have been hidden for decades, waiting to be unearthed and appreciated. His respect and love of discovery also gives fans a glimpse of what American Gatherers really were like before history picked up on the show. The discovery of these items allowed Wolfe to give more context to a historical event that may have been missing a few things.

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