MIL demands to know her future granddaughter’s name, the woman lies to her, almost certain she’ll post it online, and it’s not wrong.

It’s great when grandparents want to be involved in their grandkids’ lives because, first of all, kids are surrounded by family, and parents feel like they don’t have to do it alone because raising someone is so much fun. Can be more.

Although they are a great help, such a large involvement in their grandchildren’s lives can lead to conflict. This young couple is already in a fight with the man’s mother and their child is not even born. They were wary of telling her their unborn daughter’s name because they didn’t want their grandmother to announce it on Facebook, which she did anyway after promising to keep her silence.

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The mother-to-be does not want her MIL to know her baby’s name before it is born, for fear of it being announced online.

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The OP is a 23-year-old woman who is 8 months pregnant with her 25-year-old fiance. They are expecting a baby girl and are excited to meet their first child. All their relatives are also very happy about the new addition to the family and have helped the future parents prepare for what is to come.

The person who is the happiest is the fiance’s mom, even though she didn’t fully accept the OP as part of the family. He said that his son could have done better, but now he is caught in the ‘trap’ of giving birth to a woman’s child.

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Words like that caused the OP a lot of heartache, but thankfully her fiancee was on her side and she tried to talk to her mom about it. Unfortunately, Grandma-to-be isn’t ready to apologize. The only thing left for the OP to do was ignore it, so she did.

Another annoying habit of future mother-in-laws is posting frequently on Facebook. This might not be an issue for most, and they would deal with the embarrassment if they felt any, but the OP gave an example of a post that really bothered him.

Turns out, as soon as future MIL found out about her son and OP’s engagement, she went straight to Facebook so the couple could announce it themselves before telling the world about it.

This happened once before when MIL made a post on Facebook congratulating her and her fiancé on their engagement before revealing it herself.

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If something important happens in your life, you want people to know about it first. The joy of sharing is not the same when someone else has already told everyone about it and the element of surprise no longer exists.

The incident taught the couple a lesson not to tell everything to the man’s mother as she might blast him on social media. But the son slips up and accidentally tells his mother that the parents have decided on a name for the child.

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However, the MIL was very insistent and started offending her son by saying that he did not love her.

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The future parents knew they couldn’t tell her this information, but it was difficult because she was demanding to know. The couple was sure that as soon as they told her, it would be all over the internet, so they weren’t comfortable revealing it when the girl wasn’t even born yet.

Leaving the grandmother with such information clearly angered her, so she began to offend her son by telling him that he did not love her and that she was afraid that he would be born. Later, she will not be allowed to meet her granddaughter.

The OP pointed out that neither she nor her fiancé ever suggested that this would happen. That’s when the woman came up with the idea of ​​giving the grandmother a fake name to see if she would post it on Facebook after she said no.

Sure enough, 5 minutes later, the OP checks Facebook and the future MIL announces to the world that she will be Charlotte’s grandmother. The fiance was furious, but his mother replied that she could not contain her joy and had to share it.

Image credit: u/lowren The mother was contacted and told us that she and her fiancé were not surprised to see the post online, but it drove the man crazy that his own mother posted about it online to her grandson. may endanger the safety of What if she posts more information about the baby girl being born on FB that no one but immediate family should know?

The rest of the family was confused and started texting the parents-to-be asking if Charlotte was really the name they had chosen since there was no announcement from them, but giving Grandma a fake name was a little too much. There was an exam that she failed.

The son told his mother that Charlotte was not a real name and that she would learn how they named their daughter along with the others when the child was born. After this phone conversation, the grandmother was trying to contact the parents, leaving numerous messages calling the OP a jerk for lying.

So the mom-to-be told MIL a fake name to calm her down, but 5 minutes later the news hit her Facebook.

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However, since posting the story, FMIL has changed its attitude and become less demanding. The family had a long talk at the dinner table and the mom-to-be hopes their relationship will improve, “We set boundaries and I talked to him about how he treated me. So upset, I said I want to start over. Clean slate with him and he agreed. So let’s see where it goes and what happens when the baby is born!

The OP also said that after this chat she was willing to give her future MIL a chance to prove that she could be a good grandmother because after all, “she’s been raised. [her] Betrothed and his brother to be great people and [she’s] Pretty sure she wouldn’t try to physically hurt her grandson.

The parents-to-be were pretty mad at her because she specifically asked not to be named, and as a result, the grandmother got angry with her for lying.

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People in the comments didn’t think the OP was wrong because in the end, the future MIL did exactly what she promised not to do. Redditors were suggesting that MIL should not be trusted and warned mothers-to-be that it could get worse after the baby is born.

The mom told us she’s been truly overwhelmed by all the support and kind words and plans to post an update after the baby girl is born so the story isn’t over yet.

Do you think the OP could have handled the situation differently? Do you think a grandmother has a right to know the baby’s name and share it on social media? Tell us in the comments!

People in the comments liked the OP’s plan to check if MIL is reliable and believe she is setting healthy boundaries.

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