Miley Cyrus and Phineas Appeared on This Week’s SNL With Billie Eilish

Phineas as Trevor Bellhop will keep dodging me all week.

Billie Eilish was the host and musical guest. saturday night live Last night, and he killed her.


As Billy Marilyn Monroe in a musical biopic in 10-ish years? I think yes

As is the custom, Billy was joined on stage by his brother, Phineas, for both of his musical performances.

Of course, it wasn’t surprising to see Phineas on stage in musical ability, but he did show up in a few sketches too!

He played Trevor the Bellhop / Valet / Night Manager / In-house Doctor Hotel Sketch, and appeared as some sort of music influencer (idk what else to call it) tiktok sketch,

The other surprise celebrity guest was The Miley Cyrus, who had a brief cameo during christmas card sketch,


Miley has hosted the show twice and made several appearances over the years as a musical guest, one of which inspired her to get matching tattoos alongside Pete Davidson and Chris Redd.

She was clearly excited to be there, and looks like Baird O’Connell is set to form a comedy trio with the siblings.

the best kind SNL The cameo is one that’s exciting without stealing the host’s thunder, and so did Phineas and Miley.

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