Milo Ventimiglia reacts to the shorts frenzy after his photo went viral

Milo Ventimiglia is well aware of her short-shorts photography and the impact it has had on the Internet.

The This Is Us actor praised the short clothes and how they provoked a lot of reaction and thought, starting a summer of short shorts last year.

For those not in the know, Ventimiglia was seen walking out of the gym wearing short shorts in April 2021. A photo of him swinging his shorts and flaunting his muscular legs went viral, and the rest, well, became Internet history.


Milo Ventimiglia reveals the secrets of his photo in short shorts

A few months later, Gilmore Girls alumni recalled the photograph in an interview with Jimmy Fallon.

The actor had already admitted the “short shorts” insanity when he posted a photo of the alleged garment on his Instagram in May 2021.

“Saddle them up, older children,” wrote Ventimiglia in the caption.

On January 5, the actor revealed that he was not even wearing short shorts, as shown in the picture: in fact, they were regular shorts.

“I really had no idea,” Ventimiglia told Fallon on The Tonight Show.

He explained that he usually pulls up his shorts when he trains with his trainer Jason Walsh, which is what he did that day.

“And so when I got out of the gym and the photo was taken, and then she went crazy … she went crazy. She was literally crazy. How crazy about the internet hacking, ”said Ventimiglia.

“Guys, they were actually really normal lengths. I just have seemingly fleshy thighs, I pulled them up, came out, and they got stuck, ”he added.

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Ventimiglia reunited with the creator of Gilmore Girls in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Along with appearing in the sixth and final season of NBC’s family drama This Is Us, Ventimiglia will appear in the next season of The Amazing Mrs. Maisel.

The Amazon Prime Video show was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, aka the mind behind the beloved Gilmore Girls, the show that put Ventimiglia on the line with Jess Mariano for the first time. The actor will star in the fourth season of Mrs. Maisel along with another Gilmore legend, Kelly Bishop.

Ventimiglia said the reunion with Palladino and her husband, writer Daniel Palladino, was “amazing.”

“Firstly, I will know them for the rest of my life, and secondly, any time they call, I have to be there,” he said.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel returns on February 18th.

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