Mindy Kaling once played the trickiest prank on BJ Novak in the office

According to Screen rantingBJ Novak said, “She told me one time in The Office that there was a female director who had directed an episode of one of my scripts and I didn’t really like how the directing went, not such a big deal, but Mindy said that [the director] I used to date Greg.”

Novak continued explain“Then Greg said, ‘What do you think of her as a director?’ And I thought, “Yes, she was good!” So we hired her again. But I had to say, “Not my favorite director.” And later I said to him, like, “You dated her, right?” And he’s like, “What are you talking about?”

So how did the actress react to her successful prank? “[Kaling] never acted like she got me, it was just a personal joke which is even more pure. I have to admire a comedian who doesn’t need an audience, just her and God,” he said. added.

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