Mister Immortal from She-Hulk episode 6 revived the Thanos Snap debate

When fans learned that Mister Immortal is a character who lives up to his name, thoughts immediately turned to one of the MCU’s most iconic moments. Just about anyone who watched the Avengers: Infinity War finale could remember the moment Thanos seemingly won by using the Infinity Gauntlet to wipe out most of the universe. Since then, debates have often raged among fans about which character should or can survive the moment. And it looks like Mister Immortal is the latest contender thrown into the arena. As some fans on Reddit, since the Infinity Stones are a sort of Konami universe cheat code capable of altering reality to anyone’s whim, Mr. Immortal shouldn’t stand a chance. “Just because he’s immortal doesn’t mean he can’t be defeated.” you/really_good_boy_ published.

However, other fans claim that due to a canon moment in the comics, Mr. Immortal is out of reach of death. Per Marvel, the supposed fate of Mr. Immortal is to live to the end of the universe and learn its mysterious secret. This was revealed to him by the character Deathurge, an Oblivion cosmic being who has a strange relationship with Mr. Immortal. Deathhurg has taken care of Mr. Immortal since childhood and stated that the hero evolved after death. u/Sylvester PSmythe wrote, “Until now, there hasn’t been a single trick or kryptonite shown even in non-canon material that has actually killed him.”

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