MJ Rodriguez made history as the first transgender actress to receive a Golden Globe

The Pose cast had neglected awards for years, now actress M.J. Rodriguez made history at the Golden Globes by winning Best Actress.

Mj Rodriguez made history as the first transgender actor to win

On Sunday, Michaela Jay “MJ” Rodriguez made history by winning the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her role in the fan-favorite FX series. Pose… With her victory, she became the first transgender actress to receive this award. MJ expressed his gratitude for the award and also predicted that it will “open doors for many young talented people.”

Michaela Jay “MJ” Rodriguez won the Best Actress award for her role in Pose and says the win will open the doors.

MJ portrays Blanca Rodriguez the Evangelista in a series focused on African Americans, Hispanic LGBTQ and the gender non-conforming dragball culture in the late 1980s. This is Mj’s first victory and the first victory in the serieswhich boasts a transgender ensemble.


The actress celebrated her big win on Instagram, writing that the award was a “disgusting birthday present” after she turned 31 on January 7th. MJ said this moment was “a door that will open the door for many more talented people,” saying that they will “see it more than possible” to achieve that honor.

“They will see that a young black Hispanic woman from Newark, NJ had a dream to change the minds of others with LOVE. LOVE WONS. For my little LGBT kids, WE ARE HERE, the door is now open, now reach for the stars !!!!! @goldenglobes, ”she continued.

Last summer, MJ made history as the first transgender actress to be nominated for an Emmy in the Lead category.

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Pose co-stars India Moore and Angelica Ross claim the show has neglected awards for years.

Awards Ceremonies overlooked the cast Pose over the years, despite being critically acclaimed for three seasons.

“Something about transgender people who are not honored in a show about transgender people who have created a culture to respect themselves because the world does not,” wrote India Moore, who plays the Evangelist Angel.

“Let’s call this cognitive cissonance,” she continued.

Angelica Ross, who plays Candy Johnson-Ferocity, took to Instagram last year after nominating for an Emmy in 2020 to admit she was “hurt.” that she did not receive recognition for her work on the series.

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For Ross, the problem was not just getting the award.

“In the end, I need you all to understand that I’m so tired — those of you who know me know that I don’t just work on screen or behind the screen, but I work around the clock so that our society values ​​transgender people. the lives and lives of black transgender people, ”she wrote.

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