Molly-Mae Haig shows off her £3,000 make-up bag and shares a photo from her £3.5 million mansion.

MOLLY-MAE Hague has raved about her ‘dream’ designer makeup, which takes pride of place in her new home.

The 22-year-old founder of Filter Tan branded a marble table in her new £3,500 mansion, which she shares with boxing boyfriend Tommy Fury, 23, wearing Louis Vuitton luggage with a gold clasp.


Molly Mae Haig presented a designer cosmetic bag that takes pride of place in her home.Credit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.
Molly's manager bought her a £3,650 Louis Vuitton suitcase.


Molly’s manager bought her a £3,650 Louis Vuitton suitcase.1 credit

The fashion house’s Coffret Tresor case is crafted from the designer’s iconic brown leather, embossed with the LKV logo.

To blend in with the new surroundings, Molly made sure to place it on two Louis Vuitton coffee tables.

He stood next to the candles and in front of the mirror that Molly had used to take the picture.

She admitted that the item was a gift from her favorite manager and wrote in the caption of her Instagram image: “Happy Sunday my loves 👼🏼 (Work on the list – find a huge piece of art to hang on the wall… HELP)

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“The chest was my gift from @francescabrits 😭 it’s beyond a dream.”

The item is being sold on the website for a whopping £3,650.

The Love Island couple, who moved into their dream home earlier this month, are documenting their expensive purchases on an Instagram account dedicated to the home.

The couple spare no expense when it comes to furnishing their luxury apartment.

Some magic mirrors are so special that Molly bought two of them.

Echoing an old Hollywood vibe, the metal mirror is 2.4 meters tall and weighs a whopping 25 stone (165 kg).

As the couple is undergoing a major bathroom renovation, that hasn’t stopped them from using the decorative pieces elsewhere.

Timothy Oulton’s mirror, originally valued at over £10,000, is now sold out, so it’s likely Molly-Mae got a one-of-a-kind mirror at a reduced price of just over £8,000.

Tasty aromas are important for the couple, and they collect a whole collection of expensive candles.

The most expensive by far is Christian Dior’s Bois D’argent, which retails for £80.

The star also recently unwrapped an extravagant £1,260 Hermes bedspread made from 90 percent merino wool.

However, Love Island’s stars are equally good with cash and love shopping at B&M’s budget retailer.

They had previously filmed themselves in the store looking for “treats”, where Tommy could be seen choosing cookies and sweets.

Molly-Mae went on to brag about her store purchase, joking that it was “the best £7.99” she has ever spent.

She showed off her new Harry Potter-themed doormat, which she placed at the back door of her sprawling new home.

“Is this the best £7.99 I have ever spent? Yes, yes,” she joked. “Clubfoot even waits for me at the door.”

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The star showed off her “Welcome to Hogwarts” rug as her cute short-haired cat watched from the window.

“Another day of trying to become an adult homeowner and failing,” she concluded the series of posts, confirming that the rug was “from B&M.”

Molly and Tommy are renovating their £3.5 million mansion.


Molly and Tommy are renovating their £3.5 million mansion.Credit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.
Molly, 22, was finally able to buy her dream mirror


Molly, 22, was finally able to buy her dream mirrorCredit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.
However, the Harry Potter fan is just as excited about the B&M deal.


However, the Harry Potter fan is just as excited about the B&M deal.Credit: see signature

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