Mom came to pick up her son from the birthday party 5 hours later, so the next time they don’t invite their son anymore, mom starts arguing with the owners

Being a parent is a difficult task that requires a lot of responsibility. So, no one can understand one parent better than the other parent. Maintaining good relationships with other parents is important in order to set a good example for your children and thus make sure they have friends who treat them the right way. However, there are situations in life when it becomes difficult to maintain a good relationship with someone because of their behavior. At least that’s what happened to Reddit user @ emu_party7894, who is the mom of her 10-year-old son and ran into an unwary parent she decided not to deal with anymore.

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Organizing a children’s party may seem like a daunting task, but seeing them thrill is well worth the effort.

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The woman decided to share her story to find out if she was right by telling the truth to the mother of her son’s friend. The woman said that before her son was 10 years old, she invited his friend James, who was also his classmate. The kid who behaved very well had a mom who really became a problem. The woman remembered her son’s previous birthday when James was invited along with three other friends. In the invitation, the narrator wrote that all the children should be picked up by 11 am the next day, because the family was planning to visit their relatives.

One of the Reddit users decided to share a situation after which she decided not to invite any of her child’s friends anymore.

To the surprise of people, the problem was not the child’s behavior, but his mother.

The narrator revealed that his mother could not pick him up on time, together ruining their family’s plans.

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The day after the birthday party, all the children were taken away at exactly one o’clock – only James remained. At first, the Reddit user did not think about something bad, he simply assumed that his mother was on the way, but was late because he was carrying out some errands. At 11:30, the woman wrote to James’s mom to remind her to pick up her son as they were about to leave the house themselves. Indeed, the woman replied that she was on her way.

Despite the fact that the woman was constantly reminded to take her baby, she only showed up when she was threatened to call the police.

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It was 12:30 pm and James was still at the family’s house. The narrator turned to Mom again because they had to rush. She received the answer that she had gone to lunch and would come to pick up her son as soon as possible. The Reddit user kept asking his mother to come and pick up her baby until 4:00 pm, and the narrator’s husband had already left with the children to visit their relatives. During this time, the woman called James’s mom and told her that if she didn’t arrive within the next 30 minutes, she would call the police to inform them that there was an “abandoned child” in their house. Her last attempt at contacting her mother resulted in her actually showing up and taking her baby. The woman apologized, but that was the last straw. From that day on, the narrator decided not to invite the boy to his parties because of his mother’s behavior.

This year, her child was not invited to the party, and when she found out why, her mother was very upset.

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So this year, when the son of a Reddit user turned 10, James was not invited to the celebration, and his mother soon found out about it. She wanted to know why her son was not invited, so she asked about it and the woman told the whole truth about how she did not want to invite her child because it ruined their plans the next day as she could not come on time. This led to the fact that James’s mom was upset and blocked the narrator’s access to social networks and her contacts.

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The woman wanted to know if she was right in telling the truth, and many people on the network were on her side. They all agreed that James’s mom viewed their family as nannies and did not consider that they had plans of their own. It was decided that the woman had problems with time management, as it later turned out that her husband always picked up the children on time.

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People online supported the narrator, as it was clear that the mother was using their family as a nanny.

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