Mom deliberately took her husband’s savings after he selfishly returned a gift to his 11-year-old daughter in order to spend the money on something “useful”

If you are a parent, then you know that your children are your whole world. Making the commitment to parenting is a big decision and you must do absolutely everything in your power to give your child the best possible life.

Some of us grew up in toxic families and we do our best to protect our children from any kind of emotional trauma. Some have become single parents, and they make sure that their child feels this otherworldly love. In short, your life has taken on a whole new level of responsibility. However, to provide this emotional stability, you need a partner with the same mindset. And if you happen to connect your life with a person who, as you think, has toxic intentions, then it may be worth evaluating whether the problem is solvable, otherwise your child’s well-being may be at stake.

An online user had a similar issue and she reached out to one of the Reddit communities for some guidance:

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Stealing gifts from your own child is, to put it mildly, strange.

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This woman shared the story of how her husband selfishly stole their child’s gift and ended up making her the scapegoat. The post received 22,000 upvotes and 2.4,000 comments in which people expressed their concerns about this situation.

Dad returns daughter’s bike given by her uncle and spends money on their house

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The OP started his story by explaining how her brother was kind enough to give her daughter a bike she wanted for what seemed like forever. However, this happiness did not last long, as the girl’s father decided to return the gift and selfishly keep the money for himself.

When OP’s daughter noticed that her favorite gift was gone, her little heart was in ruins and her mother couldn’t understand her husband’s intentions.

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As soon as the woman came to her senses, she asked her husband to explain why he did this, to which he replied that he returned the gift in order to spend the money on something useful (whatever that means).

Naturally, the woman got mad at him and pointed out the obvious. She said the gift came from her brother, so he had absolutely no right to touch it.

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Besides, what parent would take a gift away from their child, knowing full well that it’s something that’s been on their wish list for so long?

The OP also pointed out that her brother was broke and was still trying his best to make his niece happy, which essentially makes things worse. The woman told her husband that what he had done was pure theft and demanded that he hand over the money so that she could buy back the bike. Indeed, the man said that the money had already been spent and that he had no money left.

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After their heated conversation ended, OP remembered the stash of “emergency” money her husband had left for himself, and without hesitation, the woman went to the bedroom, took some cash, and bought her daughter’s bike back.

As soon as the OP’s partner found out about the situation, he absolutely could not believe that his wife was capable of doing something like this, and began to yell at her. He then tried to explain that he spent that money on household needs, to which the OP clarified once again that he stole their daughter’s bike, so he was responsible for getting it back.

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The scandal upset their 11-year-old daughter so much that she said she didn’t want a bike if her dad didn’t want her to have one. The mother assured the girl that everything was fine and that she should just go and enjoy her bike.

The husband, however, still did not believe and could not understand that his wife had managed to turn their child against him.

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It is interesting how in this situation the husband of the OP decided to act as a victim when, figuratively speaking, he took away happiness from his daughter.

What do you think of the situation? Was it okay for a mother to take her husband’s personal savings to redeem a gift?

Colleagues of Redditors have supported the OP and expressed their concern

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