Mom shows excellent parenting skills by calming her angry 5-year-old

Parenthood is one of life’s greatest challenges, but it is also one of the most rewarding. Without romanticizing it, developing an extremely close relationship with another human being is something magical, to say the least. But on the subject at hand.

A mother recently shared her heartwarming moment while talking to her son, who was upset, calming him down, and telling him how much he is loved, which in turn has hit the internet. Heart melted.

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Parenting Is Hard, But It’s Not Impossible, And This Mom Shows You How To Do It Right

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Destiny Bennett, a mother of 3 from Las Vegas, NV, shared a video of her utterly heartbreaking talk with her troubled 5-year-old son named Cash three days ago, according to this article, which she explained, Controlled. Struggles with expressing her feelings and emotions.

The little boy was feeling very angry that morning, so Bennett decided to face it with a little heart. To her surprise, the moment was caught on Bennett’s door camera – we forget we have until something out of the ordinary happens literally right at our door.

Destiny Bennett’s 5 YO Son Was Angry So He Decided To Ease It With A Heart Full Of Love

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“I love you so much. Do you know how much I love you? You don’t know how much? I love you more than ever.” This much, [extends arms],” Bennett said in his now-viral video. “I can see how angry you are. And I want you to feel better. I want you to be loved enough that you can see how angry you are and want to feel better. Fine?”

“Sometimes it feels better to get what we want, but sometimes we don’t get the things we want. And it’s okay to be angry. But then we have to let it go and understand that we don’t want it.” And we have to find another way to make our bodies feel better. I need to love you. OK? I love you. [They hug], Let’s have a nice day today, okay?”

The whole thing was captured on Bennett’s door cam and later posted on Tiktok.

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The mother reassured her son that he is loved, and explained that it’s okay to feel angry—it’s okay to feel like we don’t get something, and that we should let it go, find other ways to understand and move on.

Apparently, the son was upset because of the little argument he had with his siblings over sharing toys and simply wouldn’t let him go. But Bennett was on the ball immediately and managed it like a champ.

It immediately went viral, receiving 4.4 million views along with another million hearts

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You can watch the full minute long video below

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Very Agreed Bennett’s patience and way with children is a miracle, but she herself has revealed that she experiences moments of weakness and setbacks, but she always comes back and apologizes, thus setting a good example of reconciling relationships. Is.

Since the posting of the video, it has gone viral on TikTok, and garnered over 4.4 million views along with another million hearts. Bennett currently has over 320,000 followers on her channel and her videos have garnered over 5.3 million likes.

Here’s How the Internet’s Beloved Reacted to Bennett’s Solid Parenting

People online praised mothers for their loving attitude towards parenting. Some were happy that this type of parenting would create an emotionally intelligent generation, which would benefit everyone, if you ask me, while others thanked them because these types of parents would. feels Exactly what he needed that day.

Watch full video and comment Here, and you can watch Bennett’s full channel Here, where she blogs about healthy marriage and parenting. But before you panic, let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below!

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