Mom went into a rage over a “pathetic” secret gift from a colleague to Santa

Mom was furious with the “pathetic” gift from Secret Santa, which an anonymous colleague gave her, and here’s why …

Now, giving Christmas gifts to your work colleagues can be a little tricky, especially if you’re not that close.

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That’s why when it comes to Secret Santa, there’s usually a budget of $ 5 to $ 15, right? And you usually get bath bombs, chocolates, books, or a funny gift.

However, it’s a nice touch to any Christmas tradition in the workplace.

Well, this year one woman didn’t find the experience too enjoyable.

Publishing your experience on Mumsnet, according to Mirrorasking if others think the present is as vile as she thinks.

But it can help if you know what constitutes a gift in the first place, right?

Well, the gift she got was supposed to be funny, it was a cursing coloring book.

But the problem for the woman was not that the book contained obscene words, but that she did find the words in the book very misogynistic and sexually inappropriate.

“I have always avoided making arrangements with Secret Santa where possible, in no small part because of the discussions here. This year we have several new members of a small team, in which I work, in a professional environment, who offered us to organize a meeting with each other, and in order not to look stingy, I agreed, ”she began on the forum. Liverpool Echo.

“I got a coloring book for adults and some tips from a felt-tip pen. I have to admit that this was disappointing in and of itself, as I never got into the hobby, and I’m a little disappointed that one of my colleagues came to the conclusion that I am an adult colorist, but that comes in handy.

“My real problem is that this is an adult coloring book Go Fuck I Coloring to hide my anger. Which should be good, I like strong swearing and I have a job that can be very stressful, but today I finally took a close look at it, and many of the words that need to be colored are not swearing in themselves, but really, really unpleasant misogynistic, insults and expressions of a sexual nature that I associate with pornography, and not with swearing “, – continuation

“I was actually very offended that someone thought it was a suitable gift for a fifty-year-old colleague in a professional environment.

“My difficulty is, should I say something to the group, or should I just put it in the trash can and forget about it? I think I have attached a picture so you can see what I am talking about, “- she finished

But it seems that many simply did not understand why she was under such pressure.

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However, one person sympathized with her, saying that they too had received a terrible gift.

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Oops, that sounds a little worse than an adult coloring book, doesn’t it?

Others stated that they stopped participating in the tradition after the gifts they received in the past.

So it’s safe to say that she’ll probably skip it next time.

What do you think?

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