Morfydd Clark and Charlie Vickers Talk Language and Backstory in ‘Rings of Power’ – Exclusive Interview

Charlie, I’ll do some digging. Feel free not to say what you are not allowed to. Your characters meet at the shipwreck. We know a lot about Galadriel’s past from the source material. [but] obviously not much about Halbrand. But we heard that you are running from something in your past. Can we learn more about what drives your character and how we should be connected to it?

Vickers: The best thing for the viewers would be… It’s a process where revelations come to you as the series progresses, and parts of its backstory are revealed as the episodes progress. Describing an escape from my past – I struggle with it because I use it too. But maybe at this point in his life he doesn’t necessarily run away from it. He realized that he didn’t want to be there anymore, so he just left. Nothing comes. [It] does not feel that something is following him at this moment.

Interestingly, when he meets Galadriel, she almost creates what he is running from, in the sense that before meeting her, he is like, “I am done with everything I was. [doing] before”. But she kindles this flame in him, something like: “Maybe there is something in my past that I can return to.”

The first season of Ring of Power will premiere on Prime Video on September 2. It will consist of eight episodes, which will begin a five-season story arc set in the Second Age of Middle-earth.

This interview has been edited for clarity.

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