Most Shocking Celebrity Stalls in the Air – Liam Gallagher’s Hilarious Threat to Pilot ‘Crazy’ Toey Stars Behavior

Traveling in a busy commercial jet, the last thing you expect to see is a celebrity throwing a real tantrum.

But a surprising number of stars are members of the Mile Height Crash Club – with Lee Ryan allegedly the latest member.


Armed police escorted Lee Ryan off the plane.Credit: supplied

The Blue singer was escorted off a BA flight by police after he allegedly “fell into a rage” on a flight from Glasgow to London City, delaying him for 20 minutes.

Here we reveal the most outrageous celebrity clashes in the cabin, from Katie Price’s fight with the crew over wearing a mask, to Touya’s stars being taken off the plane for “crazy” behavior.

Kate Moss – Bodrum to Luton

Supermodel Kate, 48, is back from celebrating actress Sadie Frost’s 50th birthday in Turkey in 2015, when it all started on her flight.

Kate Moss reportedly called the pilot


Kate Moss reportedly called the pilot “just a bitch”.1 credit

Kate allegedly got into trouble after she pulled vodka out of her carry-on and got into an argument over the price of drinks on the plane.

She apparently called the pilot a “bitch” and was escorted off the easyJet flight by police when it landed in the UK.

Police confirmed they were called to deal with the “disturbing” passenger, but she was not arrested.

In Kate’s defense, other people who witnessed the scandal on board said the flight attendants’ reaction was a bit over the top.

Naomi Campbell – From London to Los Angeles

Naomi Campbell quarreled with BA staff after they lost her luggage


Naomi Campbell quarreled with BA staff after they lost her luggage1 credit
Naomi sentenced to 200 hours of community service


Naomi sentenced to 200 hours of community serviceCredit: AFP – Getty

Naomi Campbell’s bust is almost as legendary as her incredible modeling career.

In 2008, the 52-year-old catwalk queen was arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport after she got into an altercation with British Airways staff over lost luggage.

Apparently, her bags were among the few that weren’t loaded onto the plane, allegedly infuriating Naomi.

According to reports, the model refused to get off the plane, shouted insults at the crew members and demanded the apologetic captain to go and find her suitcase.

The police eventually boarded the plane and she was dragged away in handcuffs and then arrested for assaulting two officers.

She was sentenced to 200 hours of community service and fined £2,300.

Liam Gallagher – From Hong Kong to Perth

Liam threatened the pilot with a bun


Liam threatened the pilot with a bunCredit: PA: Press Association.

The 49-year-old former Oasis frontman has been at the center of much controversy during his illustrious career.

One of his notable scandals came when he was banned for life by Cathay Pacific Airways following his misbehavior on a flight in 1998.

He is said to have been seen smoking, being rude to flight attendants, and throwing objects at fellow passengers.

Ironically, the singer also allegedly threatened the pilot with a bun he was served during the flight after he was offended by its shape.

Liam, never holding back from speaking his mind, rebuffed the ban, saying he’d rather walk than ever use an airline again.

Towie stars – Dominican Republic to London

Towie stars denied boarding for UK flight


Towie stars denied boarding for UK flightPhoto: Instagram/@hannahvoyan


James “Diags” Bennevit refuses to wear a maskCredit: Instagram/diags_

Earlier this year, The Only Way Is Essex plunged into turmoil when it was revealed that nine cast members had been taken off a flight to London after filming in the Dominican Republic.

Participants included James “Diags” Bennevit, Hannah Voyan, Pia Smith, and Mia Sully.

They first boarded a flight to Spain, but began to break the rules when they started showing “crazy” behavior.

Passengers claimed that one of the stars openly smoked vapes, while others refused to comply with the airline’s rules, such as wearing a mask.

Repeated requests from flight attendants to follow their instructions were ignored.

Upon their arrival in Spain, the group was contacted by the police and denied boarding a connecting flight to London.

Sid Owen – from Dubai to London

Sid Owen was slapped by a passenger when he complained about the reclined seat


Sid Owen was slapped by a passenger when he complained about the reclined seatCredit: Louis Wood – Kristen Bell Tattoos

Former EastEnders star Sid, 50, had to be removed from a plane as he tried to return home after a two-week vacation in Dubai in 2018.

It all started with the fact that he complained to the man in front of him that he leaned back in his chair.

According to the star, the man slapped him, which led to a scandal that caused the BA flight to be delayed by an hour.

After the two refused to sit separately, they were both escorted off the plane.

To rub salt in the wounds, passengers taunted the actor by yelling “Rickaay” as he exited the plane, a reference to the popular yelp of Enders’ wife Bianca.

Gerard Depardieu – From Paris to Dublin

Actor escorted off plane for urinating in plastic bottle


Actor escorted off plane for urinating in plastic bottle1 credit

Many of us have been in the dire situation where we desperately needed a toilet but couldn’t go.

This is exactly the situation 73-year-old actor Gérard Gérard found himself in in 2008 when he was aboard a Cityjet flight to Ireland.

According to his friend Edouard Baer, ​​Gerard had problems with his prostate, but the flight attendants told him that he needed to wait until the plane took off.

Not wanting to risk it, he quickly walked to the back of the cabin and peed into a plastic bottle.

Unfortunately, it overflowed and spilled onto the floor, which led to him being dropped from the plane, delaying the flight by an hour.

The actor later apologized for the “humiliating” incident in a statement.

Ivana Trump – From Palm Beach to New York

Ivana directed foul language at children


Ivana directed foul language at children1 credit

The ex-wife of former U.S. President Donald Trump, who passed away last month, didn’t mind when rowdy kids rioted in her first-class cabin in 2009.

Ivanan allegedly started swearing at the youth, becoming even more angry when the flight attendants tried to calm her down.

When the pilot asked her to get off the plane, Ivana refused and had to be physically escorted back to the terminal.

A police spokesman later said: “From the moment of initial contact until Ms. Trump left the area, she said ‘fuck you’ to all assistants and called the children ‘little bastards.’

Gemma Collins – From Athens to London

Gemma yelled at a passenger when she couldn't sleep on the plane


Gemma yelled at a passenger when she couldn’t sleep on the planeCredit: Brian Roberts – Kristen Bell Tattoos

It seems that the issue of reclining seats is one of the biggest catalysts for air turmoil.

GC flew back to the UK in 2019 when she wanted to get some cash with her head on the seat in front of her.

The problem was that the 41-year-old reality TV star was convinced that the passenger in front had leaned back in her seat.

A viewer claimed that Gemma became angry at the woman who spoke little English and yelled, “What the hell are you doing, baby?”

When the apologetic woman claimed she didn’t recline the seat back, Gemma is furious: “Stop moving, just leave it, it’s all right.”

Katie Price – New York to Las Vegas

Katie Price refused to wear a mask on a flight to Las Vegas


Katie Price refused to wear a mask on a flight to Las VegasCredit: Catiprice/Instagram

Katie Price, 44, was dropped on a connecting flight from New York to Vegas after she refused to wear a mask.

Crew members allegedly asked the model four times to wear a mask, but she did not have one.

A fellow traveler tweeted, “@KatiePrice just got kicked off our flight from NYC to Las Vegas with her boyfriend!! So annoying and embarrassing. Put on your damn mask, it was worth it…”

They added that Katie’s boyfriend Carl Woods looked “offended”.

However, a close friend stated that Katie decided to leave the flight as she had not yet finished talking to her children on the phone when she was asked to wear a mask.

Courtney Love – Los Angeles to London

Courtney Love made a brawl during a flight to London


Courtney Love made a brawl during a flight to London1 credit

Courtney Love didn’t follow many rules, a trend that continued on her flight to London in 2003.

It is reported that the singer threw a mass tantrum and verbally insulted the flight attendants.

She apparently refused to sit down and put on her seatbelt and became so destructive that the police had to be called.

20 minutes after the plane landed at Heathrow Airport, the rebel was escorted into a waiting police van.

Alec Baldwin – Los Angeles to New York

Alec refused to turn off his phone before takeoff.


Alec refused to turn off his phone before takeoff.1 credit

It is well known that electronic devices must be turned off when taking off and landing in an aircraft.

But Alec Baldwin must not have received the note, as he refused to turn off his phone before takeoff at LAX.

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After being requested several times and the flight delayed, the plane had to taxi back to the boarding gate, from where it was removed.

Alec claimed to have played Scrabble with friends while sitting at the gate before being “reamed”.

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