Mother excludes her black stepdaughter from family photo because of her race, shocked by reaction

recently, A story posted on r / AITA There was a lot of response from the people. This post comes from a 32-year-old mother of 4 children, one of whom is the daughter of her husband’s former marriage.

“I’m 32F, my husband Jack is 36M. We have Lydia, Carroll and Solomon together. Jack has a different marriage. The family went on vacation until the last week of summer before the kids started school. The mother said she wanted to take pictures of the Christmas card when they were away because it was “a common theme in her family.”

“There is a problem,” the mother wrote. He continued: “Jack is white, but Enfren’s mother is black and she looks exactly like him.” Turns out, the woman didn’t want Enfrein in the family photo because, in her own words, her parents are quite racist and would make a fuss about it.

As you can imagine, this didn’t go well with the people in the r / AITA community. Not only was the woman named Hole, but she also faced a lot of reactions for being a terrible racist.

Image Credit: Chris Benson (not the original photo)

This is the post she shared on r / AITA where people in the community quickly found out about mother’s racism.

People called Mother A Hole and said she was a racist herself.

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