Mr. Miyagi’s story that Ralph Macchio is pinning his hopes on for the Cobra Kai

Pat Morita is no longer with us, but Mr. Miyagi’s presence is evident throughout Cobra Kai. It’s all thanks to the well-integrated flashback scenes and Daniel keeping his memory alive by passing on the wisdom of his old mentor to the next generation of karate kids. He even named his dojo after Miyagi.

However, Ralph Macchio believes there is room for more Miyagi in “Cobra Kai”. During a recent interview with GQ, the actor said he hopes the makers of Cobra Kai will chronicle Miyagi’s origin story in the future as the character has a rich history worth exploring. “What was life like for him? Where did she go? What happened during World War II and when he ended up in the USA and became a repairman in an apartment building in the San Fernando Valley, while this child [Daniel] knocked in the door?” These are all the questions Macchio wants to know the answers to.

It remains to be seen if Miyagi’s origin story will be told, but most Cobra Kai fans probably agree that Macchio’s idea is a good one.

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