Mr. Papers criticized 50 Cent for what he said about his daughter’s eyes and said Lil Kim’s verse on the “Plan B” remix was about him

Lil Kim jumped on the remix of Megan Thee Stallion’s “Plan B” recording and it definitely set off some drama on social media.

As previously Kim reportedly called out 50 Cent after he talked about her daughter Royal Reign. 50 accused Queen Bee of talking about Nicki Minaj’s son in her verse on the record and told Nicki to “burn her ass up”.

Kim quickly made it clear that she would never talk about anyone’s child and made it clear that she was talking about an ex in her poetry. She also made it clear that she is not here due to 50 Cent talking badly about her 8 year old daughter.

On Friday, Mr. Papers, father of Royal Reign, named 50 on his Instagram story and said“Keep my daughter away from internet comedy.”

He then shared a few words about Kim, claiming that he was the ex she talked about in her verse on the remix.

He said, “Shorty wrote a whole song about me and YouTube removed it. God doesn’t like ugly moms. Plan for what?

He also shared a screenshot of the message he got from Rolling Ray about his message to 50 Cent basically telling him to “do better” and “pull up” because it’s not comedy when 50 talks about his baby.

50 Cent hasn’t replied to either Lil Kim or Mr. papers.

Check out a snippet of Lil Kim’s verse from the “Plan B” remix below:

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