Mrs Hinch prepares for a new addition to the family and reveals where they will sleep outside in a £ 1.1 million farmhouse.

Mrs Hinch is fully prepared for the arrival of the three new family members as she has shown where they will sleep outside her £ 1.1 million farmhouse.

The 31-year-old social media star and 39-year-old husband Jamie bought the property a couple of months ago, but have only just begun talking about it due to security measures.


Mrs. Hinch is ready for her family’s restocking arrival and is showing off where they will sleep outside of her house.1 credit
The reality TV star revealed her new hideout on Instagram.


The reality TV star revealed her new hideout on Instagram.1 credit

Earlier this month, the cleanfluencer, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, revealed that they have plans to keep animals on their land.

And for the past six weeks Mrs. Hinch and her father have been busy preparing for the arrival of her new horses, Roy, Rodney and Raymond.

A mom of two shared a video editing of the process, which began with making a field shelter and a slow feeder for the boys.

Mrs. Hinch joked, “I screwed in three screws in total, and then my dad took the drill off me.”

The star also shared a video of how they themselves make hooks for their four-legged friends.

Mrs. Hinch then showed the other side of the field shelter.

The star told her 4.2 million Instagram followers, “So, I love this little room here, I’ve been here so much, sat here. Dad made me this little seat with a table.

“The lead hooks are made by me and my father, I love them! I think they are so cute. They are perfect.

“Then I have three of them feeders, I bought them from Home Bargains, they are perfect for their food, and these are their feeders, guys!”

She also bought some light bulbs from Amazon, some spoons for food, and her father installed blinds so she could see what the horses are doing in another part of the shelter.

This came after Mrs. Hinch took a tour of her vast new farmhouse in Essex.

In the caption for the upstairs corridor photo, she wrote, “I took some photos to share with the guys as promised, along with the inspiring photos I saved.

“It’s a landing that diverges in two directions, which reminds me of a Disney movie, I love that so much.”

The star shared a photo of “downstairs” in the hallway where her son Ronnie loves to play hide and seek, telling her fans that the carpet “feels amazing.”

Next up on the tour was Ronnie’s huge bedroom, where Sophie already has a lot of plans for her elder.

“Can’t wait to start here!” she wrote, “We decided to make a farmland mural on both walls for Ron!”

The cleaning guru also shared a snapshot of the master bedroom and guest bathroom in a bohemian style.

Their dog Henry will have his own bedroom again.

And their new home has plenty of room to expand the family, as Jamie recently admitted he wants more kids.

In an Instagram Q&A, one fan asked about having more kids.

One person asked, “Are there any more children?”

He replied: “Yes from me! It all depends on how Soph will feel in a few years. Now there are two children, both under three years old, enough work!”

Sophie and Jamie got married in 2018.

They share two-year-old Ronnie and seven-month-old Lenny.

The horses are named Rodney, Raymond and Roy.


The horses are named Rodney, Raymond and Roy.1 credit
Sophie and her dad built a magnificent field shelter


Sophie and her dad built a magnificent field shelter1 credit
They made their own hooks


They made their own hooks1 credit
Mrs Hinch shared the whole process on Instagram.


Mrs Hinch shared the whole process on Instagram.1 credit
Sophie and husband Jamie


Sophie and husband JamieCredit: Mrs. Hinch / Instagram
Mrs. Hinch's sons Ronnie and Lenny


Mrs. Hinch’s sons Ronnie and LennyCredit: mrshinchhome / Instagram
Mrs. Hinch takes a tour of her sprawling new farmhouse in Essex and talks about plans to make it even bigger.

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