Ms. Marvel director Mira Menon on how The Walking Dead series influenced her work on Ms. Marvel

When asked how her experience on previous projects helped Mira Menon prepare for Ms. Marvel, she said, “Every show I do gives me lessons that I use in the next show.” One show in particular even helped her in the special effects department.

“The Wizards was a great show because it was a practical effects show,” she explained. “When we could, we tried to approach Ms. Marvel practically, except for things related to her superpowers. But we tried to make things as real as possible and make them as real as possible.”

It’s not just the projects Menon is working on that inspire her. The cast and crew are also real strengths. Menon added: “Each time I work with an actor, I learn more and more about what it takes for them to feel as free as possible to be as present as possible in the present moment. to any number of actors who taught me more and more about how hard this job is and how much of my job is to make them feel safe enough to do their job.” No doubt she left the Ms. Marvel set with a whole bunch of new inspirations and lessons learned from that dynamite cast.

New episodes of Ms. Marvel air on Wednesdays on Disney+.

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