Ms. Marvel’s fight scene, which unfortunately didn’t make it into the series

Ms. Marvel fans will remember that one of the first times Kamala goes head-to-head with the Calndestians is in Episode 4, when Kamala teams up with a mysterious character named Kareem (Aramis Knight), a member of the Genie Hunt Squad. a group known as the “Red Daggers”. Although this confrontation is fairly short (and ends with Kamala being thrown back in time), cinematographer Jules O’Laughlin revealed that there was supposed to be a separate battle involving Kamala, Karim, and the Caches, which was eventually left out of the final cut.

“There was a special fight scene that we filmed at an abandoned depot in Bangkok…the lines were overgrown with vines and trees; amazing place,” O’Loughlin recalled in an exclusive interview with ScreenRant. “We had a fight scene there with Kamala, our Red Dagger and the Clandestines… it was a really physically demanding scene to film.” O’Loughlin said that he was particularly proud of the scene due to the harsh weather they had to endure during filming, although he admitted that it simply didn’t fit the pace of the series in the end and agreed why it had to be cut.

The realization that this spectacular fight scene (set in such an incredible location) ended up being cut from the final product is certainly disappointing, and while O’Loughlin himself understands why the scene was removed, it certainly has a lot of fans. who desperately want this particular battle to be on the show.

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