Mum upset she only got baby stuff for her birthday, friends and family say she’s “jealous” of her daughter

Personality traits, abilities, likes and dislikes, our belief system and moral code, as well as the things that motivate us all contribute to our unique identity.

But one woman, who recently became a mother, feels that, unfortunately, other people only see her as a parent.

Reddit user Birthday When her thirtieth year came, she was troubled and was greeted only with gifts for her child. Worse, the ones he didn’t even need.

However, after the party guests notice her sadness, they accuse the new mom of being ungrateful and selfish.

The woman could not assess the whole situation, so she i [Jerk]?subreddit, asking its members to express their unbiased opinions.

This new mom was really excited about her 30th birthday, but it turned into a huge disappointment.

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When she opened her presents and saw a bunch of baby clothes

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Some people take their identity very far in life without giving it much thought, so the question ‘does a strong sense of self really make a difference’ seems reasonable.

But according to Erica MyersA licensed professional counselor in Bend, Oregon, does exactly that.

“Having a well-developed sense of self is very beneficial in helping us make choices in life,” Myers said. “From something as small as favorite foods to larger concerns like personal values, knowing what comes from ourselves versus what comes from others allows us to live authentically.”

Self-knowledge helps you accept your whole self, both the traits you’re proud of and the ones you want to get rid of. If you feel dissatisfied with certain aspects of yourself, you will have an easier time dealing with those areas when you have a true understanding of your nature and abilities.

But if your attempts at self-expression lead to criticism or punishment from parents, friends, or anyone else, you may start to ignore your inner sense—it’s safer and more It may seem beneficial to mold yourself into someone who is easily accepted.

And while there’s nothing wrong with accommodating others from time to time, your decisions should, for the most part, primarily benefit your health and well-being.

People think that the mother had every reason to worry.

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