Muslim “lunchman” keeps eating co-worker’s food because “it’s clean”, so they decide to bring a pork sandwich, office drama begins

Perhaps the last thing you expect when you come into the office is a coworker dressed as a cartoon shark. Once the shock wears off, the second and last thing you would expect is someone actually stealing your food. What is this, grad school? We thought we were all better than that!

Such situations, as childish as they may seem, can cause a lot of friction in the workplace. It’s hard to get along with your co-workers and get good results when you’re worried about someone eating your food every day. (No, seriously, who does that?!) What hurts, even more, is learning that the ‘lunch robber’ is actually incredibly religious.

Redditor u/pervirgin_witch explained how their Muslims are. The colleague kept stealing their lunch.. They were 100% sure of this but had no solid evidence to present to HR. Instead, they decided to take some ‘small revenge’ and give the fellow a shock. One day, instead of bringing food that is ‘halal’ (lawful and permissible for those who follow Islamic teachings), she brought a pork sandwich that is ‘haram’ (forbidden). The result was so dramatic that HR had to get involved. Scroll down for the full story, Panda. Tell us what you think about what happened, whether you agree with the act of revenge, and what you would have done differently. Contacted u/pervirgin_witch who told us it’s important to never take people’s stuff without their permission. “The truth is, I would have shared my lunch with my partner if he had said so. In fact, at least in my country, it is common courtesy to share food by asking others if they want to eat. In my opinion, There is no shame in asking others if they are willing to share a bit of their food and most people will probably say yes. That said, just taking food that isn’t yours is rude. Above. Read on for the full interview, Pandas!

There are many issues that can cause friction at work. Something that few people expect but that happens far more often is people stealing food.

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One man told how he got his revenge on the ‘lunch robber’, a deeply religious man, who kept taking his lunch at the office.

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In OP’s opinion, her post resonated with a lot of people online because no one likes people who take other people’s lunches at work. “This seems like a very important issue and I wasn’t aware of it, as this is my first time working in an office. The comments have been very interesting for the most part, even supportive. Although some have It felt necessary to add political elements to the story, which I honestly don’t understand,” the post’s author told Board Panda.

Redditor u/pervirgin_witch shared with us that there has been no further progress at work regarding her co-worker. However, the OP said that he has started fasting, so he is no longer taking any kind of lunch to work. They eat when they return home.

“I don’t know if I can get along with “M”, as we are both a bit different and our first impression of each other was quite negative. I genuinely wish him the best, Although,” the redditor said he bears no ill will. He revealed to BoardPanda that he is “not a very social person” and that he keeps 90% of his interactions at the office “strictly professional”.

“The other 10% is just the normal chit-chat you expect to have at work. Just be polite,” OP shared her thoughts on getting along with others in the workplace.

“The most professional and diplomatic thing to do is to report the problem to management or HR,” he told Bor Panda about what to do if someone is the victim of a food thief at work. “However, sometimes a bit of cathartic revenge is in order. If you’re considering doing it, just make sure it’s something safe.

As one redditor put it, the act of stealing someone’s food automatically made that person’s food ‘haram’. So his excuse that he was only eating a certain companion’s food because it was the only ‘halal’ item in the fridge immediately fell apart.

Other Redditors were shocked that the man was let off with a warning even after admitting to stealing the food. Of course, the whole issue is just about food: it’s about boundaries, trust, and the very general expectation that you won’t have sneaky ninjas grabbing your stuff when you’re not looking.

We are all personally responsible for setting the limits of what we are willing to tolerate in the workplace. If our partners can’t pick up on subtle cues about their behavior, you need to make it clear that what they’re doing makes you very uncomfortable. Whether it’s the kind of jokes they share out loud with the entire office, leaving piles of dirty dishes in the common area, or yes, eating that delicious sandwich you’ve been waiting to taste since midnight. Going to bed

The simple fact is that it won’t help either. Some people find it difficult to change their habits. Others see themselves as victims all the time and cannot consider the possibility that maybe, just maybe, this time they are wrong. Their ego will not allow it.

In this case, it’s definitely worth getting HR and management involved. Be diplomatic but firm. Make sure to focus on solving the problem. However, if things get really out of hand and it affects your work performance, you may also want to consider legal help. This shouldn’t be your first reaction to minor workplace conflicts, but if you’re constantly being harassed at work and stress is building, don’t be afraid to seek professional help.

It is difficult to determine whether a food item or dish is ‘halal’ or ‘haram’ as you have to evaluate each ingredient individually. Religious people who follow Islamic teachings carefully check the label or packaging of the product to see if it is certified ‘Halal’. Someone who is serious about their faith probably wouldn’t grab random food items from the shared fridge without first knowing what was in it.

Some ‘forbidden’ ingredients, According to Gordon Food ServiceContains: gelatin, lipase, pepsin, alcohol, vanilla extract (pure or synthetic), animal fat, animal blood, animal rennet, mono and diglycerides of animal origin, whey powder, sodium stearoyl lactate (SSL). or L-cysteine. Pork products are also considered ‘haram’.

The OP shared some more information in the comments of the viral post.

Here’s how some internet users reacted to the story about the food thief.

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