‘My boss said to sue me, which I did’: Plus size worker laughs one last time at ‘Terrible Boss’ with major lawsuit

For a long time it seemed that employers could get away with almost anything if they really wanted to. All they had to do was hold the employee for ransom. But the situation seems to be changing.

We hear numerous stories of employees defending themselves and telling managers and bosses to climb where the sun doesn’t shine.

And while it’s always a pleasure to read such stories, it’s even more enjoyable when it’s all done with some very malicious compliance.

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Reading stories about employees fixing their bosses is cathartic, and even more satisfying is malicious submission.

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Meet Reddit user u/Anubis3210, a young girl who remembered a story when she was 19 years old while in college. Then she worked in a large chain restaurant. It was her first job, and at that time she had been doing it for 4 years.

Everything was fine and dandy for most of her career until she had to move to college. Luckily, she got a job at another branch. But about a year later there was a change in leadership.

Now it’s important to note that the OP said she’s a plus size girl but very confident in her looks. But the new manager had some problems with that. Immediately, the new boss singled her out, demanding that she stop dressing the way she did because it would “lead to men molesting her.”

A Reddit user shared a story about how she was provoked to sue her manager and company, all because her boss harassed her.

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He was adamant in his remarks. So much so that sometimes he told her quite colorful stories about sexual harassment, which he witnessed because of leggings. This is now an immediate red flag, as the boss seemed to imply that the attack was her fault in the first place.

KristenBellTattoos.com talked to her about it all and how it all ended. “My initial reaction was to feel uncomfortable and want to leave the company because I felt unwanted and singled out,” recalls the OP.

Well, in the end, she stood up for herself, explaining that such conversations are (at least) inappropriate. However, a little later that week, he got mad at her for what she said was minor, saying that the OP should just leave because otherwise he would have found a way to get rid of her.

See, the boss had a problem with the way she dressed for work, baggy clothes and leggings, and she was just terrible at reporting it.

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And she accepted his offer. However, not for long, as the manager was suddenly transferred to another place. So the OP took it as an opportunity to come back and work in the world. For a month. After that, guess who’s back?

“I’m not sure why he moved. I told him off when I quit and he didn’t show up the next day because he was afraid his manager would get mad. So my guess is that they moved it because it was causing problems,” Anubis explained.

During the month of his absence, the OP had no problems and incidents at work. But as soon as he returned, she again began to stand out and was forced to experience discomfort. But she didn’t have any of that anymore.

If he didn’t stop his harassment, she said she would sue him and the company, which has so far not done anything about it, despite the reports. He just laughed, telling her to keep going.

Cue malicious match.

One day she got fed up and said she would sue, to which the boss replied “do it” and then regretted it.

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She quit. I contacted a lawyer. Filed a complaint against the company with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for sexual harassment and revenge.

It was a long year, but the company agreed to mediation by a neutral party, and in the end, OP won the negotiations and received $15,000 in damages. “He contacted the wrong law student,” the OP concluded.

Considering the period, you can guess that it was not easy. “The hardest part was not knowing what would come out of the settlement meeting. They first offered me $1,000 and rejected my claims, which I found really disrespectful.”

She ended up agreeing to $15,000 in damages, so it’s definitely a win.

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The sad part, however, is that the OP contacted his old colleague and found out that the boss still works there, so the harassment can continue, it’s just that it’s a different victim now.

But it’s celebration time for the OP. She originally went to r/MaliciousCompliance to share this story because she was excited after the settlement meeting and wanted to tell someone about it. And Reddit seemed like the perfect place since she visits the site frequently.

The post received 14,000 upvotes and won several Reddit awards. And people were generally supportive of the OP, saying it was good that she stood up to the bully. If he did it to her, it’s likely that he could do it to other ladies, so hopefully that taught the boss a lesson.

People supported the OP, along the way getting 14,000 upvotes for her post.

Some have pointed out that the $15,000 she received was more of a “please go” payment, since it’s cheaper for big chains to just pay people off than to fight a lawsuit. Which is normal for the OP, she still couldn’t afford a full blown lawsuit and she considers that a win.

With all of this in mind, we asked Anubis to share her advice with anyone who might be going through the same thing, and she had this to say:

“Even if you think nothing will come of it, you must always stand up for what is right. If you see something, say something. Don’t fall for the bystander effect. Fighting for yourself will always pay off. I’m glad I did it because it showed me that I’m much stronger than I think!”

You can check post in context here, or read our other article on malicious violations here. But before you embark on your next KristenBellTattoos.com adventure, share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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