“My husband blew me off”: Woman wonders if she was wrong to call police on her stepson, who stole her daughter’s car

no is one of the shortest words in the English language. And yet this is the hardest thing for some people to understand.

This is usually one of the most damaging words because if ignored, it often has dire consequences. Like a night in a prison cell.

A Redditor recently shared one such story: A stepson didn’t really realize that his stepsister’s car wasn’t his, but he took it anyway, and then the car was stolen. After receiving the information, the police were on his tail. Needless to say, some family members were not happy with this turn of events.

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no is one of the shortest words in the English language. And yet this is the hardest thing for some people to understand.

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A Redditor with the nickname u/Leap-Window5345 visited the Am I The A-Hole subreddit with an intense story. Lipp is the mother of a 17-year-old daughter and stepmother to a 19-year-old son who is biologically related to her current husband.

One day, OP bought a new car for his daughter. She liked him, but so did the stepbrother. It wasn’t technically his, but that didn’t stop him from trying to run it. Betty flatly says she shouldn’t even try, but he keeps calling it “our car” and if she (rightly) decorates it, he’ll be angry. Apparently, he thought it was “ruining their car” and embarrassing him in front of his friends. Did we mention it’s not his car?

This stepson did not take it. no for an answer and effectively stole his half-sister’s car. And paying the price

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The OP contacted her husband about this, but long story short, he effectively told her and her daughter to chill. They did not feel cold.

One day the daughter called the OP while she was at work and explained how the stepbrother took her car without her permission – just taking the opportunity while she was upstairs, took the key and bolted. Leap tried to reach him on the phone, but it didn’t work. The next step was to involve the father.

However, he was not useful here as he managed to visit the son, but eventually called him back and said that he had taken the car to the movies with his friends. Should be back by 9. However, this was not an option.

The OP tracked down his stepson, but unlike the father, took matters into his own hands and got the police involved.

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The stepson spent the night at the local police station, and boy did the husband get angry

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After a bit of back and forth, the OP decided to take matters into her own hands. He simply called the police and reported the car stolen. The stepson was immediately picked up from the movies and brought to the local police station. They also recovered the car, but unfortunately, it was trashed. The decorations and toys were gone. The daughter was devastated.

And while justice was being served, Dad was anything but happy. Once both boys returned home, the father told the OP about it, he made a mistake and unnecessarily escalated the situation. Moreover, he blames her for creating the whole situation, i.e. giving the car to the daughter, but not to the stepson, thus only adding fuel to the fire which is the source of the child’s anger.

This led the OP to pose the question to the community – was she wrong to involve the police, was she right to do so, was there another way? According to people online, no, yes, and it looks like it was for the best.

But people online were having none of it, OPKNTA said, and started coming up with exit strategies for him.

People ruled that she was not a jerk in the situation, saying that she was protecting her daughter from other family members who overstepped boundaries. But this is in addition to blatantly breaking the law by stealing the stepdaughter’s car, and the father is trying to cover it up with excuses and abuse.

And speaking of which, many suggested that she file for divorce. Men are much less toxic with their reasoning in this matter, and it has now become of utmost importance for the OP and her daughter to stay away from them as much as possible.

The post received a little over 15,000 votes and nearly 15 Reddit awards. Considering that the top comment on the post received over 25,000 votes, you can imagine that there were more people than meets the eye.

You can view the original post in context. Hereand participate in the discussion in the comment section below.

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