My Wife and Kids star, who has a recurring role on All Americans

In the third season of All-American, the main character returned to his old high school, but his return was not well received by all of his peers. Frausto (Noah Grey-Cabey), a South Crenshaw football team player, told Spencer that he didn’t have much respect for him, which sparked a rivalry between teammates that led to fights and awkward moments.

If the actor who played Frausto looked familiar, it was because he was familiar with television. From 2002 to 2005, Gray-Caby portrayed Franklin Mumford, a child genius and boyfriend of Cady (Parker McKenna Posey), on My Wife and Kids. Franklin was not exactly an athletic type (except for foosball, a sport he mastered in the season 5 episode “They Call Me El-Fusey”). Thus, it’s safe to say that the role of Gray-Cabey in the TV series All American marked some departure from the role that made him famous in his youth.

In addition to All American and My Wife and Kids, Gray-Cabey has appeared in Heroes, Code Black and Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists (according to IMDb).

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