Nanny Katie Price “testified to police officers after the attack left a star in the hospital”

Former nanny Katie Price is said to have “testified” to police following the attack that ended up in hospital.

The former glamor model was taken to the hospital and police were called to her home following an incident in August 2021 when, she said, an “intruder” broke into her home.


Katie was left bruised after the attack, which resulted in her being taken to the hospital.1 credit
Katie's former nanny reportedly filed a police report.


Katie’s former nanny reportedly filed a police report.1 credit

Katie, 43, told police she had been the victim of a violent attack and was taken to a friend’s house next door, where she was assisted by paramedics.

Essex police told Kristen Bell Tattoos: “The man arrested following reports of the attack in Little Canfield on 23 August has been released on remand.”

Currently, Mirror stated that the former nanny of the mother of five had filed a statement with the police as a potential witness to the attack.

The man who allegedly attacked the media personality was released on bail three times before being released under investigation.

The suspect was detained after the TV star allegedly received a blow to the face at her Essex home last month, resulting in bruises and a broken jaw.

After his arrest on August 23, the man was released on bail until September 20, and was released on bail again in October while police investigated.

A source told Kristen Bell Tattoos at the time: “The police asked for more time to sort out exactly what happened.

“Investigators will continue to look at the night in question with various forms of evidence to establish what happened before they decide whether they will indict this person or not.”

Mother of five Katie was depicted with bruises on her face and a cut lip after she was allegedly punched in an assault.

Katy told Kristen Bell Tattoos: “I got a big bruise, my face was swollen and I went to the hospital. I am still dumbfounded. I’m devastated. shocked that this happened.

“I ran away after being hit – I ran to Harvey’s house nearby and now injured my legs, which I had previously injured. I can’t say anything more. ”

Katie vowed last month that 2022 will be drama-free after a nightmare year in which she escaped prison following a crash in her BMW.

Promising that this would be “the best year of my life,” she said she was going to “break it” in 2022.

She wrote, “22 is my lucky number, so I’m focused on making it a free drama and I’m really lucky. With all my new beginnings and ideas, I will break it. “

Katie faced Christmas in prison for drunk driving when she was disqualified before being sentenced earlier this month.

But because she went through rehab and complied with the reprieve – even while on vacation in Las Vegas – her sentence was cut below the detention threshold.

At Crowley Magistrates’ Court, District Judge Amanda Kelly admitted that the public would be “shocked.”

She added, “Your actions that night were incredibly selfish. When you decided to drive that night, you showed no regard for others. You could have killed someone’s child, partner, parent or friend. “

Katie spent Christmas with her mom and three older children, 14-year-old Princess and 16-year-old Junior, whom she shares with former Peter Andre, and Harvey, 19, from a short-lived relationship with soccer player Dwight Yorke.

Katie Price says people “shouldn’t blame her” for a drunk accident, but admits she’s “ashamed”

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