Natasha Rothwell on the portrayal of plus-size black women

LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 22: Natasha Rothwell attends the Broad Museum ceremony for the opening of the 1963-1983 art exhibition Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power at The Broad on March 22, 2019 in Los Angeles, California Huh.  (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for The Broad Museum)

I think it’s safe to assume many unsafe the fans have fallen in love Natasha Rothwell’s Kelly’s portrayal of these last five seasons. It’s almost bittersweet to think that we won’t get any of those funny one-liners or “real” moments with her character. Nevertheless, Natasha’s performance will always be remembered for giving grace to other women who saw a part of themselves in her.


However, as the show’s final season comes to an end, Natasha wants to remind viewers that her character is not a caricature of plus-size Black women and should not be considered their sole source of representation. “It’s so heavy for any show when it’s the only one dealing with people’s humanity,” Natasha said. gal-dem in a recent interview, “People want to hang on to my experiences as a plus-size Black woman.”

The rallying of fans behind Kelly’s character on the show has resulted in a demand for some more screen time, where we get to see more of Kelly’s backstory—beyond the jokes she offers on occasion. Natasha noted that while she is “not offended” by the online discussion about her character, she thinks it’s “unfair” how she feels pressured to represent all plus-size Black women.

now that we’re at the end Digging Deeper in Kelly’s Story On season five, it seems unsafe Audiences have silenced the crap about her lack of character development. unsafe Her late 20s and 30s have laid much of the groundwork for providing nuance to their myriad black characters dealing with adulthood, a perspective Natasha refers to as “definitely regular, mean and figuring it out.” . Like Kelly, the hope is that the show explores its stories and fictional characters beyond their tropes to spark a new conversation about humanity on television.


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