NBA Star Serge Ibaka Developing Animated Kids Series With Studio71 – Deadline

Special.: The story of the NBA champion. سرج اباکا۔ It will be converted into an animated children’s series after signing a contract with the LA Clippers Center. Studio 71..

Abaka, who became the first player from the Republic of Congo to enter the NBA Draft, has signed a development agreement with him. Red Aero Studios The company through its production company Ouenzé Entertainment.

control. (W / T) will showcase some of the world’s greatest athletes outside of sports and the biggest challenges of their lives. Each episode will focus on a different individual and the conflicts they have faced and the difficulties they have faced during the heyday of success – whether it is prejudice, poverty, disability or health issues.

The first episode will tell the story of how Ibaka overcame a difficult childhood in Africa, including his father being held captive in the Second Congo War, to become an NBA champion with the Toronto Raptors.

The series is written by Ad Record, which is currently developing a Disney + feature. Return of the rocket. And before that I wrote the Lions Gate feature. You look at me now.

control. Studio 71 is the executive, produced by Adam Burston and Schreiber for Aquinas Entertainment for Recort, and Abacus and Jordi Valley Sanchez.

This is Studio 71’s latest animated project, working with the Michael B. Jordan Outreach Society on the animated comedy series. Obi, Which he adapted from an Instagram comic and sold to HBO Max as well as digital star Rui Fabito Guava juice show. YouTube for kids

“I always thought my story could be an inspiration to the younger generation, and I think sharing the stories of other players overcoming the series will have a huge impact,” Abaka said. “There is never a straight line to success and many of us have gone through various obstacles that require us to be motivated and self-confident. If you can encourage, I will consider this series a success.

control. Michael Schreiber, president of Scripted Content at Studio 71, added that it is an incentive for children around the world to never give up on their dreams. “Serge Abaka’s story is the best example of this, and we are excited for people to better understand what he and the other players have gone through to achieve their goals. Why players are the heroes of people all over the world.

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