Neil Blomkamp’s Gran Turismo adaptation moves forward with ‘Stranger Things’ star

According to Hollywood ReporterLooks like David Harbor has joined the cast of Gran Turismo. The upcoming film, based on a true story, is not just an adaptation of the games (is that really possible in this case?), but is about a teenager who is so good at Gran Turismo video games that he actually becomes a professional racer.

Harbor will play a veteran driver who helps teach a teenager how to transfer his digital skills to the real world. Producer Asad Qizilbash said of this latest announcement, “As one of the longest running and most loved PlayStation franchises, it’s great to partner with Columbia Pictures again to bring Gran Turismo to life in an exciting way.”

More or less inspired by the story of Jenn Mardenborough, Gran Turismo will give Harbor another chance to serve as a mentor to a seasoned young man. As Playground notes that the real Mardenborough won the GT Academy in 2011, a video game competition created by Sony and Nissan that gives the winner a chance to move on to real racing. Mardenborough spoke to the publication about his transition to real driving, saying: “The instructor sits next to you and watches your eyes as well as the track. They constantly told me to look further ahead, but it was very difficult for me. My mind only wanted to look at what was right in front of me. It took a while to get used to it. It was one of the biggest things, if not the biggest, to train yourself after winning the GT Academy, but now it’s all right! ”

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