Netflix Co-CEO Talks About Controversy With Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle has been the subject of controversy for the past few years, but now the CEO of Netflix has spoken out about Chappelle and his shows on Netflix.

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The co-CEO of Netflix spoke out about Dave Chappelle.

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Dave Chappelle is a stand-up comedian who became famous in 2003 with a series of comedy sketches. Show Chappelle.

From this point on, Chappelle’s comedy career continued to grow as he performed in stand-up comedy around the US and later signed a deal with Netflix for 6 specials.

But in recent years, Chappelle has faced harsh criticism…

This happened when his Netflix special, Nearerwas accused of transphobia.

There were calls to remove the special from the streaming service, and some Netflix employees even left in protest.

But the show stayed after Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos defended it.

Chappelle also made headlines earlier this year…

After someone ran onto the stage and attacked him during a performance.

The incident occurred on May 3 during Chappelle’s performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

Chappelle performed with Netflix is ​​a joke festival when a man attacked him on stage, BBC reports.

Footage posted on social media shows a man jumping onto the stage and confronting Chappelle.

Sharon Carpenter, a reporter who was on the show, watched the development of the attack and shared the details of the incident on Twitter.

Remembering the attack, Carpenter wrote: “Dave Chappelle just got attacked on stage during his show in Hollywood.”

“He was finishing his performance when a man ran onto the stage and lunged at him, knocking him to the ground. Then the security and his entourage cornered the man, and Dave joked about how he was “trampled” backstage.

Luckily, Chappelle was not hurt by the attack, although he was probably shaken.

And the man was escorted off the stage …

In a follow-up tweet, Carpenter said that “Chris Rock and Jon Stewart were among a group of comedians” also performing on the show that evening.

She claimed that “Jamie Foxx jumped on stage to help and make sure Dave was okay”.

It was also alleged that moments after the incident, Chris Rock took the stage to play a prank on Will Smith. ABC news reports.

After Will Smith punched Chris Rock at the Oscars in March, Rock is said to have taken the stage where he joked by asking if the attacker was “Will Smith?”

But that wasn’t the only joke about the incident…

After the man was removed, Chappelle joked about the incident and was heavily criticized…

Going to Twitter to slam Chappelle, one man wrote: “Honestly, I’m already sick of @DaveChappelle’s hostility and hatred towards the trans community. It’s fucking weird how obsessed he is with attacking trans people in his “jokes”.

“Dave Chappelle really thinks using trans men as a highlight was a good idea. It’s not, it’s fucking embarrassing, and it’s not funny. Really unfunny. If you want something funny go to @colinmochrie because he doesn’t use us as a punchline. He SUPPORTS us!” wrote another.

One twitter user added“Just watched raw footage of Chappelle being attacked and this transphobic bastard just had to play a prank on trans people after they took the dude off the stage. Just damn disgusting. To hell with Dave Chappelle.”

While someone else tweeted: “I don’t approve of what happened to Dave Chappelle yesterday. But the fact that he immediately joked that the man who attacked him was transgender demonstrates that he will use any pretext to promote anti-trans sentiment and violence.”

Now the co-CEO of Netflix has spoken out about Dave Chappelle.

Ted Sarandos, who became co-CEO of the streaming giant in 2020, explained:

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“We want something for everyone, but not everything will be for everyone.”

He then commented that Chappelle was the best comedian and said:

“No one will say that what he does is ill-conceived or smart,” he said. You just don’t agree with him.

Do you agree?

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